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Team Riccian :: Sahara Race 2015

Ricci Hall, 93 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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8-14 March. 250 km in 7 days. Self-supported. 10 kg on the shoulders. Scorching heat daytime. Freezing cold at night. A challenge, if not a torture. Sahara Race (Jordan) 2015
8-12 March 2015
Wadi Rum – Petra, Jordan

Team Riccian:
Mr. YAU, Chung-sau
Mr. HUI, Anthony Chi-sang (Riccian since 1978)
Mr. LAU, Chun-wing
Beneficiary of fund-raising:
Ricci Hall, The University of Hong Kong

Donation type:
1) Fixed Lump Sum
2) Completion Bonus

Please mail your cheque (payable to "The Ricci Hall Trust" with "Team Riccian - Sahara Race" written on its back) to Ricci Hall (93 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong).

* Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible.

– – –
I am no elite runner. In fact, I have never run more than 50 km at one time. So to run 250 km in this kind of climate is mind-blowing. Equally unimaginably valuable is the special character of Ricci Hall (, its tradition and the spirit. I have learnt a great deal at Ricci. I treasure the occasion to push my limits with my fellow runners to help raise funds for the Campaign for Ricci.
~ Mr. HUI, Anthony Chi-sang (Riccian since 1978)

The Sahara Race is more than a competition. Racing in this unknown land is an experience no treasures can redeem. I have worked hard in my life to realise that wealth does not equate health. Many of my friends fitter than me years ago  now suffer various health issues, their retreat from sports constituting the degradation. I wish to inspire them to embrace sports again, to see what a world of difference to health it can make with training and commitment. I seek to form a team with them to race hard in the HK Trailwalker event.

~ Mr. LAU, Chun-wing

I was inspired by Tang Shun-yin of Zheng Sheng College ( who finished the race as the youngest runner in 2014. I am fun seeking. This is a formidable challenge in the punishing climate, compensated by the breath-taking views of towering arches in the desert. It will surely be an unforgettable experience.
~ Mr. YAU, Chung-sau


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