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Langdyssen 5, Lisbjerg, Aarhus, Denmark



Orbiloc was founded in 2006. The company develops, sells and markets Personal and Pet safety  products. Orbiloc has its headquartered in Aarhus, an office in Copenhagen and warehouse facilities in Randers.  Orbiloc was founded by Jan Jægergaard and Axel Ørndrup. Our desire was to develop safety products for both humans and animals.

The Orbiloc Safety Light was launched and is has proven to be a tremendous success. The combination of very high quality, high visibility and the fact that the light is water proof, makes it a most attractive accessory for many dog owners.

The success of the Orbiloc Safety Light has spurred the launch of the Personal Safety Light. The idea is still the same – creating safety for both you and your fellowmen when you are on the move when it is dusk or dark – whether it is in the woods or on the roads.

With Orbiloc Safety Light you are sure to be seen!  



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