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Dipping Fantastic

unit 5 & 6 East Mains Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Chemical Company



Plasti Dip is an air dried, flexible, liquid matt coating for use on virtually anything.
Stops rust and corrosion and it's heavy duty


Can't decide

Amazing finish on this dash trim in Matt Black Plasti Dip and Midnight Purple Pro FX Pigment

Fancy a change of dash trim not a problem. Plasti dip is perfect to help do so and still remains removable

A Little Crimson Red Pro FX Pigment added to Gloss Top Coat over Matt Black Plasti Dip with a bit left to Show Original Finish

One of the great things about Plasti Dip is that even weeks later it can be added to or altered. 2 weeks later and able to go darker with a quick de grease and mask up. Before adding a few more layers of Smoke Plast Dip.

Loving the Sunset Bronze Pigment on these wheels

Looking good in Matt Black give us a message if there's anything you fancy having dipped however wacky and wonderful it is

Nice set of Midnight Purple Pro FX Pigment wheels just finished

We also do Plasti Dip Smoke. No Glue like residue or blades cutting round tint or fly film with the wright amount of light still omitted.

Nice set of Audi wheels done in Black Plasti Dip


NEAR Dipping Fantastic