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Mashanaglass, Macroom, Ireland
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After 2 batch of camomile I have a full jar of camomile tea!!! ;)

Sunflower seeds tiny harvest!!! ;)

Zucchini pasta with creamy cashew pesto. Most of the ingredients from the garden!!!! ;) have a great day.

Sunshine breakfast!!!!! Watermelon juice, fruit salad with pineapple, nectarines, banana, pears and orange juice!!! ;)

We should try every week do some yoga and rebouncing to help our body to get better. A healthy diet also mean a healthy life style.

Back from the farmers market!!! Some people might think I turn fruitarian!!! ;)

Harvest of the day!!! Camomile tea in process!!! Can't wait to try it!!!!

The benefit of doing 15min of rebounding per day.

Hi everyone, i hope you did enjoy your week end!!!! this week i would like to introduce you to kidney filtration. It s very important that our kidneys work properly in order to have an alkaline body. I hope this video will help you to understand how it works.

The harvest of the day!!! The carrots are big but really stumpy!!! I will have to work the soil better next year!!! Have a great week end everyone!! ;)

Today in my garden !!! Nature is so generous!! ;)

Today I tried a raspberry cheese cake. It looks pretty but the recipe is wrong!!! If you don't freeze it, it won't stay firm!!!! So I have to do something tomorrow to try to fix it or turn it into something completely different. Have a great evening!!