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Welcome to White Willow, where i aim to promote a better quality of life through the means of a healthy lifestyle and Traditional Chinese Medicine As a holistic practitioner i consider physical, mental and emotional balance to be the key to good health and happiness. By reinforcing or reducing the flow of Qi, we can stimulate our body’s natural healing ability to maintain health and protect you against disease.

An insight into TCM

Within TCM, the mind and body are seen as components of an energetic system. Our organs and organ systems are seen as being interconnected structures which work together to keep the body functioning optimally. If there is a problem with one of these organs it will have knock-on effects through-out the rest of the system.

In a healthy person, Qi (Chi) moves through the meridians smoothly and Yin & Yang are in a state of balance. This means that although there maybe short-term fluctuation between their levels, the body is in a state of harmony with neither aspect dominating the other.

In illness, the meridians or pathways become obstructed or imbalanced, causing either an excess or deficiency in the levels of Yin & Yang. Acupuncture helps your body clear any such blockages, it mediates the levels of Yin & Yang and restores a stable flow of Qi. When the meridians are refreshed and re-balanced the individual becomes and stays healthy, resulting in a more positive frame of mind and an overall better picture of health for my patients.

To ensure balance between all parts of your body-system i treat any physical and/or emotional issues that present themselves.


Im afraid there will be no clinic in the resource centre tonight. Hope to see you all next week instead. Love and light xx

Photos from White Willow Acupuncture's post

The magick at Lunasa. Thank you Helio Leon for capturing some of the magick of that delicious weekend xx

Photos from White Willow Acupuncture's post

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The Sanctuary, Body&Soul

Pre book your treatments for this years electric picnic. I will be in the Zen Gardens offering Acupuncture/reiki & indian head massage. Come on down to relax amidst the chaos :-)

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Every women should see this xx


Lots of things happening!! Fire, fire everywhere! :-)

Knockanstockan’s new Faerie Field | meg

What better way to spend a weekend!! I'll be in the faerie field giving treatments for anyone and everyone :-) :-)

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Gort Resource Centre

Just a reminder of this free clinic every Wednesday. It has come to my attention some of you had believed this clinic was for treating problems specifically with the ear. This treatment uses the ear to treat the mind and body. The ear is used as a microcosm of the body and is easier to needle with great effect in group sessions. I hope this clears up any previous misunderstanding. <3

Gort Resource Centre


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