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Safewater is the Irish distributor for Home and Well Drinking Water Testing Kits. Buy from our website at website at Don’t rely on Irish Water to deliver clean and safe water. Most contaminants cannot be detected by smell, taste or sight. Take back control with our range of simple home water test kits.

Contamination can happen on the way into your home, or even within the home. This could be through old plumbing or leaking pipes, leaching lead or copper pipes or bacteria contamination.

Ensure your family's health
Increasing pollution and our ever changing environment constantly affect the quality of our drinking water. Our water test kits offer a range of different tests giving you a very clear overview of the potential contaminants in your home’s drinking water.

Why test drinking water?
If your home water comes from a private well, your family suffers from gastrointestinal illness, the water from your taps is smelly, frothy, cloudy or tastes bad or your area suffers from hard water, we recommend you test your water regularly.

Our Home Water Test Kits
Our Water Test Kits are supplied through a UK distributor of the Watersafe Test Kits made by US company Silver Lake Research which continues to advance the state of the art in test kit development through collaborations with commercial partners and government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defence.



The kit is easy to buy and use. - Anne, Rathfarnham.

As a family we drink a lot of our tap water, so it is great to know that the water you are drinking is good/safe. - Roland, Meath.

As a family we drink a lot of our tap water, so it is great to know that the water you are drinking is good/safe. - Roland, Meath.

We bought this kit for our well water. It was easy to use and all tests were good, although we discovered that we have hard water (actually not that much of a surprise). Great to know our water is good/safe. - Theresa, Enniscorthy.

The kit arrived quickly and the instructions were very clear. I re-read them a few times just to be sure I knew what I was doing. Once the test was completed, I was very happy to have a clear negative result. I had a lot more confidence in the drinking water of my new house. - John, Tallaght.

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Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water - American Chemical Society

Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water! The researchers fixed spent coffee powder in a bioelastomeric foam, which acted as a filter. In still water, the foam removed up to 99 percent of lead and mercury ions from water over 30 hours. In a more practical test in which lead-contaminated water flowed through the foam, it scrubbed the water of up to 67 percent of the lead ions. Because the coffee is immobilized, it is easy to handle and discard after use without any additional steps, the researchers say.

Health tip of the day: drink warm water and lemon first thing

Here's a health hack my mum told me about 20 years ago. Take water and lemon first thing to kick start your day.

Irish Water pleads guilty after failing to improve water quality in Co Galway

Irish Water fails to improve drinking water quality in Carraroe, Galway.

What is cryptosporidium parasite?

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As concern about THM and Lead contamination rises in Ireland, Irish Water reveals inherent problems in Ireland's water supplies that could affect up to a million residents.


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