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Jones Oil

407 - 410 Capel Building, Mary's Abbey, Dublin, Ireland
Energy Company



Jones Oil are a homegrown, Irish company established in 1984. We supply agricultural and commercial oil products & provide quality heating oil. We provide quality home heating oil products, in addition to agricultural diesel and autodiesel.

We deliver throughout the country from Dublin to Mayo and from Letterkenny down to Waterford. You can also fill up your diesel car at any of our depots through our network.

We are a quality, dependable company - think about us for your home fuel needs.

Buy online, or contact us through our customer service line for more information.

On this page we will be keeping you updated with special offers and competitions throughout the year as well as information related to the industry.

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If you are anyone you know is interested, drop an email to

Our Mayo and Dublin depots are proudly showing their true colours ahead of the big match on Sunday. Drop in to show your support and avail of the best Diesel prices around.

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A big thank you to everyone who entered our Christmas competition. The winner of 500 Litres of Home Heating Oil is....Natasha Reddin from County Sligo! 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations Natasha!! 🎉🎉🎉

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Jones Oil

We're giving away another 500 Litres of Home Heating Oil to one lucky winner. You could be heating your home for FREE this festive season! Simply enter your details here to be in the draw

Working on an Oil Rig

What is it like to work on an offshore oil platform? Is it lonely, is it safe, and is cabin fever a thing? We took a closer look at the advantages and challenges of such a life.

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Congratulations to Sadie Toye in Donegal who is the lucky winner of 500 litres of home heating oil! Enjoy Sadie! Big thanks to everyone who entered the competition. :-)

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Here is Ross Barrett with Aine O'Reilly & Anne Patricia Mahon of Jones Oil Claremorris, collecting his tickets for the recent Beyoncé concert in Croke Park. Ross was supposed to attend the Beyoncé concert in Ireland back in 2009 but due to a family tragedy he could not attend. Below Ross explains why: "To all in Jones Oil, Claremorris - thanks so much for the tickets to Beyoncé. Myself and Becky had a brilliant time. The seats were fantastic. I will share with you the reason why this concert meant so much for both of us. In November 2009, a friend called and said "I have two tickets to Beyoncé and you're coming with me". Over the moon to get a chance to see an icon of music in the making, we made plans. What I didn't know was that the plans were to be put on hold until last Saturday night 9th July. My Mam was battling Cancer at the time I can't remember if I told her the tickets were in hand and we were excited to be going. On the 8th November 2009 she took a turn for the worst. Sadly, within a few days and at home in her own bed she passed away surrounded by family and friends. Heartbroken from the loss, not even Beyoncé herself could have put a smile on my face. My friend Katie went that night and called me at every song she knew I liked. As daft as it sounds, the song 'Halo' reminds me of those few days and it was 'Halo' again on Saturday night 9th July 2016 in the darkness of Croke Park bar, the lights of the IPhones, that made me smile. My Aunt had entered a competition in Jones Oil depot in Claremorris Co. Mayo and got a call to say she had won the 2 premium tickets to Beyoncé. Mags (my aunt) called me and said "Boy have I news for you", and from there to sitting with 76,000 other fans, Beyoncé took to the stage and in her own words, Slayed! Thanks again to Jones Oil Claremorris for an incredible evening. It was an experience and a half. The picture is all the fans singing 'Halo' and waving the phones in the air." Ross.

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Most of us greet the news that oil has fallen to $50 a barrel with a shrug of our shoulders. We take a look at various factors that cause the price of oil to fluctuate. Check out our infographic here -

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Congratulations to Brian Chambers in Sligo who is the lucky winner of our €300 One4All voucher. Enjoy it Brian. Thanks to all who entered and keep checking out our page for future competitions.

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