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Fine Gael

The new site for Fine Gael is now online. We migrated the existing site to a new CMS, upgraded the design and improved the functionality.

The Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland

The Royal Academy of Medicine, established in 1882, has a new responsive website providing comprehensive information on the organisation, its lectures and events, and its role as a forum for the exchange of scientific information. The site allows new members to join and for both members and non-members to book and securely pay for places to attend the many events they host each year.

Home - The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

We've launched the new site for the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. It provides a very comprehensive resource of material for individuals, businesses and organisations on their rights and responsibilities in this area as well as an extensive publications library with legal, policy and research information.

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The OS disks for our Osborne 1 have arrived! All new projects will now be developed on this powerhouse. One thing we have to explain to Mat May is that it does not have a touch screen...

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Web Designer & UI Specialist needed

We’re looking for an experienced UI designer to help us build great web and mobile app projects for a wide range of clients.

There's only one real Ireland

Think you can recognise Ireland? Test yourself on IDA Ireland's St Patrick's Day site...... (it's really not too hard!)

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Looking for a natural high? Fill yourself with goodness from Organic for us - find out more (and see some nice cows) on their new website.....

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Our Osborne 1 LIVES! We've powered it up after a bit of a clean up and it still works. It was made in 1983 and has been in storage for 20 years+. Now we're looking for an OS on a 5.25inch floppy. Anyone got one? Thanks to Justine for the donation to our museum! Information on it is here -

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