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Miss Jennifer's English and Music Workshop

Unit 903, Block A, 3 Wang Tai Road, Hoplite Industrial Center, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Miss Jennifer’s English Workshop提供多種英語及音樂課程。 課程都以外國的教學方式爲標準,讓小朋友在自然環境下學習。 Miss Jennifer’s English Workshop提供多種英文及音樂課程, 而課程都以外國的教學方式作爲標準,讓小朋友上課時感覺得最自然和有趣。
本中心的課程内容和課堂都是由TVB《 補習升Level 》Miss Jennifer 親自設計。



Esther's Kitchen

An easy summer project that's perfect for the family to do together. Did I mention the natural and all organic lettuce you'll get for salads after a while?

5-Minute Crafts

Summer's the time for arts and crafts. Celebrate the new Angry Birds movie with this birdtastic book mark!!


Summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading.

2016 暑期班

2016 暑期班

Miss Jennifer's English and Music Workshop's cover photo

Miss Jennifer's English and Music Workshop's cover photo

Bob Books Sight Words Review

Miss Jen 早前返 Vancouver 買咗 Bob Books Collection Box Set 覺得非常適合初學英文嘅小朋友。一齊睇下 Miss Jen 介紹呢套 Bob Books Sight Words Collection 啦!

That Sugar Film

The weather is getting hotter everyday, and whenever you feel like you wanna pop a pop (no pun intended :p), think again. Ice tea or milk or low sugar drinks are also as thirst quenching!

Cardamom Ginger Banana Smoothie

A healthy and tasty alternative to that sugary milkshake you about to down. NB. Cardamom is 豆蔻 Chocolate nibs are pure cocoa chocolate bits with no sugar added.


It's a bit early, but I guess it's never too early to start making your Halloween costume.


Important info that all parents should know.

Timeline Photos

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Timeline Photos

Viral Upstage

Something cute to end the week with. <3


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