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Rooftop, Lobby A,The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong



Rooftop - Beach - Music  ROOFTOP - BEACH - MUSIC

Facing the open sky with a swift sea breeze on the shore of Repulse Bay, Cabana is the very definition of luxurious relaxation.

An open-air rooftop with refined Japanese baths, elegant private cabins and lounging sun beds, Cabana is the perfect fit for all weather and all seasons. This haven of leisure is fantastic for group of friends or even those who desire a quiet corner to relax in style.


Take a mental break from this week's daily grind with us...Repost from @jamaica_asthma

Missing days like this! Rain rain go away...Sorry, we are closed today, but we'll be back with the sun soon! ☀☀☀

Selfies always look better at Cabana! 😉 有Cabana嘅靚景相伴,自拍都特別靚! #hkcabana #cabanavibes #repulsebay

Is this Bali? Nah, it’s Cabana! Join us this weekend and enjoy the fun in our paradise! 彷如置身巴里假期,誠邀你蒞臨Cabana感受這𥚃的音樂與脈膊! #hkcabana #cabanavibes #paradise #weekendfun

The weekend's here! Time to splash around with us our a sunny rooftop at Cabana. Check out our SAVE WATER DRINK CHAMPAGNE party with G.H. Mumm last month!

When Japanese media recommends Cabana and our Japanese-style baths there might be a good reason behind… 😉 Join us this weekend to find out! 連日本傳媒都專誠推薦嘅日式溫泉浴,您又點可以錯過!今個週末一於約埋三五知己嚟 Cabana 親身體驗吓! #hkcabana #repulsebay #champagne #rooftopbar

Your weekend plans, sorted. BRUNCH + ROSE // CHAMPAGNE at Cabana. Grab your tix now:

Thanks everyone for joining us! Join us again this Saturday on 29 July, for round 2...Save Water Drink Champagne: Goes to Saint Tropez. Tickets start from $155 for morning session with brunch (11:30am - 2:00pm) and $580 for afternoon session with a bottle of rose wine or champagne!


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