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心齋 Pure Veggie House

中環半山花園道51號科達中心3樓 3/F, Coda Plaza, 51 Garden Road, Mid-level Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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新派、有機、健康素菜館  Fusion & Organic Vegetarian Delights 心齋素菜館推崇健康飲食,追求自然和諧,館內裝飾格調清雅脫俗,提供的菜式卻非傳統的素菜,是採用天然材料,不加人工色系,不用五辛,不含味精,揉合了新派的烹制方式; 集色香味俱全的飲食藝術品。深受推崇健康飲食一族所讚譽,是我們用心做出來的齋宴,您會一試難忘。

At Pure Veggie House, we praise nature and harmony. The serene surroundings are simple, elegant and refined. Serving unconventional vegetarian cuisine with no added spices, MSG, or dairy products. Each dish is carefully designed and executed with utmost attention to detail, making it an unforgettable piece of culinary art.



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