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Farland Productions

2A, 8/F, Block E, Wah Lok Industrial Centre Phase 02, 31-35 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong, Hong Kong



video production house base in hong kong
2009 年一個下午,我們在觀塘的一個單位,手上拿著的,是地拖和一樽綠水, 三個人是從洗地開始的。有了清潔的地方,我們還拿著一個名字,farland。我 比較喜歡這名字譯為「遠方的樂園」。樂園擁有一種吸引我們前往的動力,那 裡可能沒有真善美,那裡沒有錢和成就,當時的farland就只有一樣東西,「創作的本能」。
我們從那一個下午開展了farland 的旅程。目前為止,我們出品了三套短片,拍 攝多於一百間國際大機構,參予過三十多部電影的製作,計劃在未來製作我們 的電影以及節目。

工作範圍包括製作電視廣告、viral video、corporate video及電影廣告製作特輯。

Our story started with three central characters cleaning the floor with disinfectant. It was a sunny afternoon, three of us were mopping the floor in our office located at Kwun Tong. That was pretty much our first task since we established “farland” in 2009. “farland” is a name for a dreamland far far away. We, the founders, are dream pursuers who are always motivated to move forward. “farland” might not be Utopia or wealth opportunities, but it provides us space to utilize our creativity.

Since we kickstarted our journey working as “farland”, we have published three short videos and carried out shooting at over 100 international organizations. We have also got involved in the production stage of over 30 films. We are planning to produce movies and programmes of our own in the future.

Farland's services include the below:

- Short Film
- TV Commercials
- TV program
- Viral Videos & Creative
- Corporate Video
- Making Of
- Motion Graphic
- Photography




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