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Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong (VSH Hong Kong) brings genuine, specialty referral medicine to the Hong Kong veterinary community. Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong (VSH Hong Kong) has been formed to bring genuine, specialty referral and 24-hour emergency medicine to Hong Kong’s veterinary community, with a philosophy based on a model of referral practice in North America and Australia.  Specialty and emergency centers can and should serve as an essential resource for local practitioners who request specialized or emergency care for complex medical problems in their patients.  VSH Hong Kong aims to act as a collaborative partner and colleague to the community of family veterinary practitioners in Hong Kong.  

Importantly, the specialists at VSH Hong Kong will only accept patients who are referred by their regular veterinarian.  Walk-ins and second opinions, other than true emergencies, are not accepted without direct referral.  General practice services, such as wellness visits, dental scalings and vaccinations, are not offered.  Our goal is to make sure that clients see our service as an extension of the general practice community in Hong Kong.  

VSH Hong Kong brings specialists in a range of veterinary disciplines to Hong Kong, and is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities.  Our 14,000 sqft hospital is located in the heart of Wan Chai.  

The following guidelines are for anyone that wishes to interact with Veterinary Specialty Hospital Hong Kong through our social media.

We encourage visitors to comment and post on our page. We may not respond to every comment, particularly those that may impact patient confidentiality.

We expect a basic level of civility; disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is a must, and profanity or abusive language is out-of-bounds. Posts that are off-topic, solicitations, human resource matters, or posts clearly promoting a commercial product generally won’t last long.

Our social media platforms are to be used for informational purposes only. What you read is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. You should always seek the advice of your primary veterinarian with any questions you have about your pet’s medical condition.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to these guidelines as needed.



Team Spotlight - Dr. Paul Salmon Along with our other terrific senior ER doctor, Dr Cherry, Dr. Paul has been with us since we opened our doors nearly three years ago. Dr. Paul graduated from the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and joined us after several years in small animal practice. As one client recently wrote, "Dr. Paul is empathetic, compassionate, professional and caring... a real treasure!" We agree. He's a team leader and an all-around great guy to have around. Thanks for all the long nights, Dr. Paul! 團隊焦點 - 文博爾醫生 除了本院另一位出色的資深急症醫生Dr. Cherry,Dr. Paul 自本院於三年前開業以來都一直和我們並肩作戰。 Dr. Paul 畢業於愛丁堡皇家獸醫學院,經過數年的小動物實踐經驗,隨後加入本院。 正如一位客戶最近寫道,“Dr. Paul善解人意、 富有愛心、 專業和關顧...是不可多得的人才!” 我們對此非常同意。 他是一個團隊領導和多方面表現出色的人才。 感謝您每個漫長的夜晚,文博爾醫生!

You guys. BRUCE IS HOME! His mom updated us throughout the day, as Brucie slept like a baby. Here's our favourite photo (edits by mom). #veterinaryspecialists #bulldogsofinstagram #BRUCE 大家看看, BRUCE 返屋企了! 他媽媽今天都在不斷更新BRUCE的動態,Brucie 睡到像 BB一樣。 這是我們最喜歡的一張照片(由媽媽作後期加工)。

Dr. Florence is a rotating intern at VSH. For a whole year, she'll spend time with each specialist, focusing on medicine, surgery, and emergencies. Her internship is patterned after formal internships in North America, Europe and Australia - all of our specialists have completed rotating internships with other specialists before their residency training. Her handsome friend pictured here is a patient recovering beautifully from hemilaminectomy surgery for a disc extrusion! #veterinaryspecialists #internship #ivdd #pekesofinstagram Florence醫生是VSH的專科輪崗實習醫生。於接著的一年裡,她會跟著不同的專科進行學習,專注於醫藥,手術和急症。本院是仿傚北美,歐洲和澳洲的的實習模式來規劃培訓,我們所有的專科醫生在完成駐院培訓之前都必須先完成專科輪崗實習期。 她的英俊朋友是本院一隻曾患有椎間盤突出的狗狗,現在已經從椎間盤手術中完美的康復過來了!

We ❤️Bruce! Recovering from TPLO, severe brachycephalic upper airway obstruction AND temporary tracheostomy, he prefers to relax with a towel covering his eyes. Add oil, Bruce! 💪💪 #dogsofinstagram #bulldog #veterinaryspecialists 我們❤️Bruce! 他經歷了脛骨平台截骨矯形手術、嚴重的上呼吸道阻塞和臨時氣管造口,現正慢慢的康復過來。他喜歡毛巾覆蓋著眼睛,感覺放鬆。 Bruce 加油!

Best. Friday. Ever. VSH Team Photo day with @kate_baumgartner! Our staff brought their own pets for terrific shots by the best pro we know. Stay tuned for the final photos! #photoswithpets #vetsofinstagram #familyportraits ❤️❤️🐶🐱🐢🐍📸📸📸 前所未有最精彩的星期五。 VSH團隊照片日@kate_baumgartner! 我們所認識最好的專業攝影師為本院員工與自己的寵物拍照。 敬請留意最終成品!❤️❤️🐶🐱🐢🐍📸📸📸

Dr. Derek Chow, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists! Adding to his already-distinguished list of accomplishments, Dr. Derek has passed the final level of the rigorous ACVO examination. He is now board certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists as well as the Asian College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists. Congratulations, Dr. Derek! 💪💪 美國眼科獸醫學院認證眼科專科獸醫 - 周威賢醫生! 周威賢醫生已經通過了嚴格的ACVO考試最後一級,在他傑出的成就裡再加上一項殊榮。 他現在是美國獸醫眼科學院以及亞洲獸醫眼科學院認證的眼科專科獸醫。 恭喜周醫生!💪💪

Ever wonder why pets need to have so much fur shaved for surgery? This puppy is being set up in the OR for fracture repair. The limb is hung so that it can be sterilely prepared, scrubbed & draped, reducing bacterial numbers for the procedure - and that requires a full "quarter panel" clip from the foot to the middle of the back! #infectioncontrol #orthopedics #veterinarysurgery #fracture #veterinaryspecialists #dontworry #itgrowsback 有沒有想過為什麼寵物需要為進行手術而剃去這麼多毛? 這隻幼犬正在手術室預備進行骨折修復手術。 把肢體懸掛可以無菌地準備,擦洗和以手術布覆蓋,減少細菌數量,並且需要從腳到背部剷去完整的“四分之一面”!

How many 👁s do you see? With only a pair between them, these two lovelies want to say hi to their mum, Elsa (aka VSH Nursing Manager!). "Hi Mom! 😘" #oneeyeddogsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #veterinarynurselife 您見到有幾多隻 👁仔呢? 他們兩個加起來有一對眼睛,兩個小可愛向媽媽問好, Elsa (我們的護士經理!) "媽媽,你好!😘"

Today we celebrated our graduating interns, Dr Howie and Dr Andy! Howie is off to a well-respected local practice, and Andy has stayed on at VSH to complete a speciality internship in Internal Medicine with Dr Josh. Both doctors have made us very proud with their progress and learning this year. The completion of a rotating internship in a specialty practice is a huge career accomplishment! We wish Dr Howie all the best, and promise we will always be here to support him. 💙💪🏼👨🏻‍🎓 👨🏻‍🎓👍🏼💙 #congratulations #veterinaryinternship #roadtobecomingaspecialist #thepatientcomesfirst #goodluck 今天我們慶祝Dr Howie和Dr Andy完成了駐院培訓!Howie將於香港一間備受尊敬的獸醫醫院工作,Andy將於專科獸醫醫院繼續接受Dr Josh的內科專科培訓。我們對兩位醫生今年的進步和學習感到非常自豪。於專科醫院完成駐院培訓是獸醫事業上的另一番成就! 我們祝願Dr Howie一切順利,並答應我們會在這裡繼續支持他。 💙💪🏼👨🏻‍🎓 👨🏻‍🎓👍🏼💙

Today #cutenessoverload occurred. #kittensofinstagram


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