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Wing Kut Street, Central District, Hong Kong
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We specialise in manufacturing, designing and sourcing high quality bitcoin mining equiptment from around the world. Eyeboot is a collection of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are passionate about bitcoin and are active in developing the bitcoin ecosystem and economy. We believe that bitcoin has a bright future, not only as a valid alternative payment system, but also as globally integrated economy that is decentralised and supported by infrastructure of the internet. Our headquarters is situated in the business district of Central, Hong Kong.

We specialise in manufacturing and sourcing high quality mining equiptment from around the world. This site is a one stop shop for crypto hardware consumers. We are authorised distributors for the Red Fury team and we enjoy special relationships with other prominent manufacturers in the industry.

Currently we are working on expanding our business and integrating more sales channels into our distribution network. We are working on developing sites and services that enhance the bitcoin experience for shoppers. Litecoin is another area that we are very excited about and we hope to be one of the first online shops to stock scrypt ASIC miners.