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Gråpilevej 8, Bagsværd, Denmark



WOMENOMICS: Empowering women is good for women, men, girls, boys, business, society and the economy as a whole. The businessworld is about to experience a revolution in thinking. Women worldwide are getting a head of men at schools and universities and women are powerful consumers. In fact: Women are about to change the world

Women worldwide are gaining political and economic power. The progress of women is a global megatrend that started more than century ago when women got the right to vote, to own property, to enter university and make their own living.

Female emancipation is no longer about red stockings, but is in fact a global force that is going to change the business world as we know it. Globally there is an increasing focus on womens rights and women themselves are hungry for knowledge.

In the future the skills of women will be vital for economic growth. Women will gain importance as consumers, leaders and stakeholders and gender will become a business issue.


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