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Foundry GYM Wolverhampton

Cooper Street, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Gym/Physical Fitness Center



After the huge sucess of our walsall gym. We bring the same to the city of wolverhampton. The largest hammer strength gym in the city with even more.....


Brand spanking new cybex kneeling hamstring. If your serious about training you know this machine hits hamstrings like no other. #foundrygymwolverhampton #NO1FORAREASON


New machine coming next week. Been trying to get hold of one of these for months. Brand spanking new cybex kneeling hamstring 😍😍🍑🍑🍑💪💪💪

Dont forget tonight we have a tasting session and food tastes and smells amazing.

Monday 12th March we have a tasting session with eat right. Get chance to try some of there amazing meals.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who shared last nights post and to members who brought in milk and coffee etc last night. We even had YODEL in willenhall offer to bring in supplies. When we opened the gym this is what we wanted to build a gym for the community that comes together so thank you. Due to the weather not looking to change again tonight we will be doing the same. So anyone out there who is stranded in the area or homeless we have coffee and tea and some where warm for you to come. Please share #NO1FORAREASON #foundrygymwolverhampton

we are open all night as always so to those stranded or homeless near to the foundry Wolverhampton tonight we can offer warmth and hot drinks (until we run outta milk, unless anyone fancy’s bringing some with them) please share

SNOW ...... pppfftttt what snow were still open getting them gainz. #weneverclose 24/7

Any of our members a carpet fitter please message.

I would just like to say thank you to Martynfordofficial and 5%nutrition for coming through last night and all the regular customers and new customers that passed through. DjGavin Omari thank you for the live dj set martyn loved the atmosphere that was set. One thing you dont get in these chain gyms. you want get people like martyn ford training in a pure gym or jd. Real people get real people and real people support local businesses and in this case community gyms. The customers we have and passion you guys have to help each other is great to watch and makes all the long hours worth it. When you get feed back from a global conpany like 5% nutrition who are going to be returning in May and Martyn himself asking if he can come train here more often. Just shows we are on the right track and the gym will only grow and will carry on investing more into the gym until we are one of the top gyms in the uk not just the Midlands.

Martyn ford live


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