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South Hylton Tansy Centre, Sunderland, United Kingdom
Dance & Night Club



Dance School
Classes in Tap/Ballet/Jazz/Lyrical/Acro
Show & Competition Work
More info contact:
Hannah Proctor 07534782163 OR
Grace Proctor 07794826822


Exactly how teams should work 👊 #respect

Big Happy 11th Birthday to our gorgeous Josie have a lovely day 🎉💙

Ariels in the usual waiting room she’s cracked it 👊 well done Rosie 💙💙

Sophia fab private tonight ♠️💙

Been here hours. Waiting room finally warming up & the heaters have been blasting in dance hall 👊 instead of the usual teas & coffees for parents we’ve got hot choc option ❄️ if kids are early they can have one with squirty scream & sprinkles 😘 bank was fine & can park outside dancing fine ♠️💙

Summer ready for stretch & warming up in the snow 🙊 and Amy taking the glam approach in the hot tub 👊❄️💙

A good stretch class & tricks will warm you all up ♠️

All privates off tonight 😫 see you all tomorrow 💙

Tutu snaps ✨💕

Stay safe my lovelies ♠️

My little duet cuties ♠️💙

Special mention to Francesca & Sophia brought forward for Merritt awards in a big fantastic standard 6/7 mod section F first time in this age group & Soph first ever comp well done my lovelies ✨💙

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