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Window to the Womb Reading

81 Northumberland Avenue, Reading, United Kingdom
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We offer 99.9% accurate 2D Gender Scans from 16 Weeks. 3D & 4D & HDLive Baby Ultrasound scans from 24 weeks from our Reading Clinic.  Specializing in Early, Well-being, Gender & 4D scans.

Window to the Womb - Private Pregnancy Scans.

Mission Statement
Window to the Womb is committed to providing high quality, efficient and compassionate care to our clients and their families, through the safe and efficient use of 2D/3D & 4D ultrasound imaging technology.

Our Vision

To provide clients with easily accessible, high quality  3D/4D imaging, using ultrasound technology, in a caring and professional manner
To enhance their experience in a homely ,safe and comfortable environment.

To promote excellence in 3D/4D imaging services with accuracy, efficiency, compassion and professional integrity

Our Values

Here at Window to the Womb Reading, our primary focus is on client care and comfort; we are dedicated to delivering this care in a professional and ethical manner.

All clients will be treated with respect.
All clients will be treated honestly and fairly and in a manner to ensure their safety.

All clients will be treated in a confidential manner.
We recognise, respect and actively support differences among individuals and demonstrate this philosophy through our work practices and protocol.

We will ensure we meet our obligation in respect of all health and safety issues within our establishment.

All our sonographers meet our high standards in specializing in early, well-being, gender & 4D pregnancy scans.

4D technology uses sound waves that are out of the range of human hearing so your baby will not be aware of the scan taking place. For good clear imaging we need a pool of amniotic fluid around babies face. To get the very best 4D images it’s important that your baby is in a face upward position However the images of your baby’s face will be affected by anything that blocks or reduces the sound waves or causes a shadow, the umbilical cord, baby’s hands and feet.
Babies position also plays a large part in the clarity of the images. If baby is cuddled in to the wall of the womb or placenta your imaging will be hazy. We can try to encourage movement by asking you to roll onto your side, sometimes taking a walk around is also needed. Our policy is to try our best for you on the day, unfortunately this means we may over run on our scan times. Please be patient every client is very important to us.
Our clinic offers pregnancy scans at all gestastions from 6 - 40 weeks of pregnancy and all our sonographers are fully trained in clinical & diagnostic ultrasoun. All our scans are started with a well-being check of baby and if they feel their could be a problem with baby we will explain as fully as we are able and speak to your midwife with your permission.


Introducing baby Ronnie 💙 born 25/02 4D scan was at 28 weeks. Message from his lovely Mummy Donna "We had a lovely experience, thank you all so much💙" It was our pleasure, thank you Donna and family for letting us be part of your pregnancy journey, we wish you all the best for the future 🙂 Lots of love all the team at WTTW Reading x

Introducing the Beautiful Charlotte-Paige - Born on 31/10/17 (a Halloween Baby🎃). Thank You So Much To Mummy Chloe for Sharing💖

There Are So Many Questions That You May Have About Your Baby's Movements 💝

Here at Our firstScan Clinic at Window to the Womb Reading We Can Confirm Just Two Weeks After Your First Positive Test: ✔️Confirmation of Intrauterine Pregnancy ✔️Check For Single or Multiple Pregnancy ✔️Visualisation of Heartbeat ✔️Assessment of Ovaries & Pelvic Area ✔️Estimated Dating of Pregnancy With Measurements ✔️Early Pregnancy Obstetric Report 🌸Scans From 6+ Weeks - Same Day Appointments Available Call The Team For More Details 0118 327 2315 or Visit

Chaus' Adventure Tell Their Story After Visiting Our Early Pregnancy Clinic -FirstScan. Read More Here - You Can Follow Their Amazing Adventures Through Life on Instagram:


Look at the Nose On This Little Beauty 😍❤️

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Stay Safe All Our Mummies & Families! Read Our Safety Tips For This Chilly Weather...BRR! ☃️❄💨


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