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Dog Training with Sarah Bigland, Over Norton

Over Norton, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
Dog Trainer



Pet dog and puppy training using reward based methods. Also seasonal fun agility/ Hoopers  .We are family friendly and welcome everyone. 121s also available. My mission is to help you have a wonderful relationship with your dog learn how to teach good manners and to learn about dog behaviours and to make sure you and your dog are having fun along the way.
I have endless patience with owner's and dogs alike to make sure this is the case using only kind reward based methods

Classes run for inoculated puppies on a Monday evening from 7-8 pm in Over Norton Village essential - maximum of 10.

Junior dogs Monday evenings 8:10-9pm, booking essential.

For older dog classes are Tuesday evening 7-8 pm, again booking essential.

One to One's are available at other times if your dog needs extra help or is not suitable for a classroom environment.
We also run fun agility afternoons monthly .

Cost is £25 for a block of 4 classes.


Monday’s classes. It’s really lovely when clients come back with their second dog . Lots of new puppy’s last night... spot the little ones .

The landline is not working at the moment.. please contact me on here if needed !! Good old BT again 😡

We do not allow off lead play in class as not all puppy’s are a good match for your puppy. When organising play dates for your puppy ,it is best to match the sizes of the dogs appropriately. This is also important, if you are setting up puppy parties. It is imperative to get this right, as (if not done properly) it could give the dog a lasting negative experience which he could carry throughout his life. Puppy parties have to be carried out in a controlled setting and monitored. Not a free for all, for puppies to run riot. A good sign your puppy is not happy with a situation is jumping up .. tail between puppy’s legs trying to hide etc .. only you can help your puppy in this situation . They need to be able to trust you and that if they ask for help by showing concern you will have the knowledge to intervene.. Match your puppy to the correct play date . You wouldn’t send your child to play with the local hooligans now would you ..

Hoopers agility classes starting on May 5th at 930 , this is suitable for all dogs young and old as it’s a high energy low impact sport... watch this space!!

The dog class in action this evening... keep practicing the blinds !!

Congratulations to our Bronze award dogs this evening, excellent work from you all .

Congratulations to Lucy and Mabel for achieving their Silver certificate .. it was well worth coming home from uni for !! 😁

Congratulations to Eddie who was awarded a Bronze certificate tonight.. well done to you both.

Happy new year everyone!! Hope you all had a fantastic time .. training will resume this evening .. see you later ☺️

We are now closed until January 1st .. Merry Christmas everyone 🐾🐾

Tuesday party. Again you were all great sports.. lots of laughter tonight as always!! Merry Christmas you lot and again thanks so much for all my presents , so very kind of you .. see you all on the 2nd 😊x


NEAR Dog Training with Sarah Bigland, Over Norton