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Skjervøy Fiskecamp

Strandveien 150, Skjervøy, Norway
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Great value world class sea fishing for huge cod, wolf fish and coalfish. Scenic Fjord location. We provide cottages, boats and fishing camp facilities.


🐳🐳 THE WHALES ARE HERE! 🐳🐳 We have made a decision not to rent out our boats for private or commercial whale watching. This so we help limit the amount of boats and stress around these spectacular animals. We wish to step carefully forward, not to exploit the opportunities given to us and our community by the whales and their powerful presence. Together with our partner Arctic Explorer we can offer the following package. One night stay in a self-catering 2-bedroom cabin (max 4 persons) + whale watching tour starting at 09.00 every morning: 1 pers. one night 2.600,- (+ extra night 1.400,-) 2 pers. one night 3.800,- (+ extra night 1.400,-) 3 pers. one night 5.300,- (+ extra night 1.700,-) 4 pers. one night 6.800,- (+ extra night 2.000,-) Large groups are welcome to contact us for a price quote. Welcome to Skjervøy Fiskecamp!

Amazing place and picture. From yesterday, and very close to the camp. Photo: Per Arvid Pedersen

Changing weather this week, but still a lot of happy faces

Happy people and unlucky fish!

This time on a wednesday

A must share review. Thanks again and welcome back!

Some more pictures of the new boats.

News about boats - One of the most important ingredients and the one that can give problems. We are pleased to confirm the upgrade in 2018 to the superbly acclaimed Jeanneau Marlin 795. We will retain two big aluminium boats (SFC’s) but we know the new boats will be in high demand. Dave Lewis, a UK based international angler and boat consultant/journalist who writes for UK, EU and USA magazines says this about the Jeanneau Marlin 795: “The overall finish and build quality throughout this boat is truly exceptional” “When talking in terms of handling, the Merry Fisher 795 Marlin is exceptional. Response to the throttle is crisp and positive, the hull rising swiftly up onto the plane then rapidly achieving her top speed. Driven hard into tight, high speed turns the hull tracks all the way round beautifully, without any hint of cavitation. Heavily reversed chines deflect spray downwards, ensuring a dry ride under choppy conditions” (His full report can be read below) Prices – The prices will rise to match these important and much needed improvements, but Skjervøy Fiskekcamp, whilst offering the best self-use boats in North Norway, will be competitive. We will have quality boats that will easily cope with fishing conditions in the excellent off season of March and April. Martin Founds of Anglers World Holidays, our number one supplier, says: “Skjervøy Fiskecamp has always had the ability to outperform all other sea fishing centres in Norway. The new management have brought the operational standards of Skjervøy Fiskecamp up to where they need to be. The introduction of these new, superbly equipped Jeanneau boats and the continued accommodation upgrades, will guarantee Skjervoy will regain its reputation as a first class and well-run fishing centre. I know my company will substantially increase business in 2018 and beyond. With improved sea worthiness, reliability, a full service agreement with a professional Yamaha partner and better equipped boats, Skjervøy Fiskecamp is well placed to provide clients with an extended season product.” (Martin J Founds, Partner) Merry Fisher 795 Marlin (Dave Lewis is a Sea expert. He is a qualified skipper and tests boats/product etc for UK Europe and USA magazines) With over 50 years experience manufacturing high quality fishing boats, the French based company Jeanneau can boast a well deserved reputation for building a range of boats that are perfectly suited to meet the exacting needs of todays offshore angler. The boat I am going to introduce you to here, the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Marlin, is precisely the sort of boat I am talking about. With its traditional V-shaped hull, a long proven design known for its great stability and delivering a strong performance at sea, the 795 Marlin is perfectly adapted to, and consequently equally suited to family coastal cruising. That said a quick glance soon confirms that her designers were clearly considering the needs of boat anglers when they first sat down to put her sleek lines on paper, and in this they have undoubtedly succeeded. The Merry Fisher 795 Marlin is feature loaded, perfect for three of four anglers to spend a full day at sea aboard, or even extended weekend trips. She sports a bare hull length of 6.98m, and an overall length of up to7.93m, depending on final fit out options. With a 2.80m beam she displaces 1,750kg, and has been rated at CE category C for carrying up to a maximum of 8 persons. The forward cabin is spacious and includes two berths, with a separate toilet cubicle located to starboard, immediately in front of the helm. Additional light and ventilation is provided by three opening windows, along with ample dry locker stowage beneath the berths. The wheelhouse is similarly well appointed. Access is achieved from the aft cockpit via sliding glass patio type doors. The review boat was fitted with similar doors providing access to the walkways leading forward to the bow on either side, though the port door is an optional extra. Of course these provide a tremendous amount of fresh air along with much needed ventilation in hot weather, a feature that is further enhanced with the addition of a large skylight. A basic galley area, supplied with fresh water via a 100 litre inboard tank, is provided with a small single burner stove. I particularly like the mess table arrangement, which features a circular table top mounted to a pole, allowing the table top to be quickly and easily raised and stowed when not in use out of the way beneath the wheelhouse deckhead. The actual fishing cockpit is large and spacious, and absolutely perfect for fishing from. The self draining deck features an attractive teak finish, along with three spacious general stowage and fish lockers. Additional stowage is provided by another locker extending across the full width of the transom. Inboard freeboard is ideal, but onboard safety has been even further enhanced with the addition of smart stainless rails port and starboard. Other key features include a large aerated livebait well, rod rests and all necessary deck hardware, including that all important transom mounted boarding ladder. The overall finish and build quality throughout this boat is truly exceptional. As mentioned access to the bow is achieved via walkways located to either side of the wheelhouse. At the bow you find the usual anchor locker plus a moulded seat. Under suitable conditions I can imagine nothing more pleasant than bringing your rod forward and fishing here. The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Marlin is rated for use with single outboard engines up to a maximum of 200hp. The review boat was fitted with a stunning 200hp 4-stroke Yamaha. As with other Merry Fisher models, a hinged section located amidships within the transom can be opened in order to allow the engine to be fully trimmed when berthed. Fuel is stored in a 280 litre tank. My review had been arranged by Swansea based Cambrian Boats, who now are based at their spacious and extremely smart new premises on the eastern side of the River Tawe in the new SA1 development, take a look at their website, details below. On arrival at Swansea Bay I was greeted by bright sunshine and a mirror calm sea, not ideal conditions for testing the offshore sea keeping qualities of a boat, but perfect for assessing her performance. After exiting the Tawe lock gates we headed out into the bay, and headed towards Mumbles Head, giving me the opportunity to note the following observations. With the engine running at 1000rpm the GPS confirmed a speed of 3 knots, increasing to 6 knots at 2000rpm; 8 knots at 3000rpm; 19 knots at 4000rpm; 25 knots at 5000rpm and a top speed of 32 knots at 5,700rpm. At 5000rpm onboard instrumentation showed a fuel burn of 15 gallons per hour, but throttling back to 3,700rpm delivered a sensible cruising speed of 18 knots along with a much more economical 6 gallons per hour. When talking in terms of handling, the Merry Fisher 795 Marlin is exceptional. Response to the throttle is crisp and positive, the hull rising swiftly up onto the plane then rapidly achieving her top speed. Driven hard into tight, high speed turns the hull tracks all the way round beautifully, without any hint of cavitation. Heavily reversed chines deflect spray downwards, ensuring a dry ride under choppy conditions. Certainly she provided a supremely stable platform, perfect for fishing both on the drift or at anchor. I would have loved the opportunity to have trialled this boat under more testing sea conditions, but had this been possible I very much doubt I would have driven home from Swansea any more impressed than I did. My test was arranged by Swansea based Cambrian Boat Centre Ltd who can be can be contacted on Tel: 01792655925; email: or visit their website at: For information on Yamaha outboard engines visit:

Last day catch again!

Great catch today! We kindly ask all our UK customers to book your next fishing holiday from our good partner Anglers World Holidays. Welcome!

Summer season has now started and the camp is looking better and better. Welcome!