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Slimming World Youghal

84 North Main Street, Youghal, Ireland
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Slimming World Youghal  


Monday motivation 💪🏻 #slimmingworldyoughal #beinspired #loveSW

Well done everyone! Fantastic weigh loss this week! #freefoodfeb #slimmingworldyoughal #proudconsultant #beinspired

364 pounds / 26 stone / 166kgs gone forever!! #slimmingworldyoughal #beinspired #proudconsultant #lovemyjob

See you all Wednesday 😘

Well done you guys I’m so so proud of all the clever swaps and changes you made! 321 pounds gone forever #beinspired #slimmingworldyoughal #proudconsultant

Another Target member this week the amazing Mary Harpur 💕

Wow look at this fantastic commitment to their weight loss! Slimming World members buying themselves a ten week countdown in advance and getting two week free plus this little book of menus free!! Not only will they be inspired by the recipes and ideas but they will have set themselves up for twelve weeks of motivation and tips and support bringing them all the way to the end of April before they have to pay again! If this sounds like something you would love to do and get the free book then you have three weeks left to do so! Ask in group for more details 💕

Feel fabulous this February with Slimming World Youghal come join us on Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday and be inspired! Pick up the Closer magazine and inside you will find €9 off the joining fee which means all you have to pay is €9 on the day! No better time to change your life! Looking forward to seeing you - Carol 0867961208

The first month of the year is gone and so has 1540 pounds/110 stone/698 kilograms of weight in our Slimming World Youghal group! Well done everyone what a start!! #slimmingworldyoughal #beinspired #proudconsultant #goneforever #lovemyjob

Wow! You guys are amazing! 377lbs/26.9stone/171kgs lost this week!!! #slimmingworldyoughal #beinspired #proudconsultant #lovemyjob

I had the privilege of presenting this triple Diamond Target member Sharon Coleman with her certificate this week. This inspiring lady has been at Target for three whole years! I asked her what was her top tip for achieving this? Planning & Organising her week and staying to group! She always has inspiring and motivating tips for members in group and is a valued member of Slimming World Youghal Once again well done Sharon Coleman your amazing!! #slimmingworldyoughal #slimmingworldireland #beinspired #diamondtargetmember #lovemyjob


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