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Meridians acupuncture clinic

Eagar House Woodlawn, Killarney, Ireland



Chinese Medicine , Acupuncture, Health , Wellbeing , Chinese Herbs, Fertility,Sports Injuries.
The Clinic is in a very quite area. Private Parking



I can’t stop talking about this product. Comes straight from the hills of Tibet with a portion allocated to the Tibetan street kids , if you suffer , then suffer no more . Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, joint pain , back pain , fertility. Boosts circulation . I’ve used this myself and my patients and they love it.

Anxiety , Stress , Panic Attacks . Beautiful New Product in the Clinic. No chemicals , no Gluten .

The US Army is looking for full time Acupuncturists and are pretty well paid . They have been using Acupuncture for many years To help with not only pain and stress but Internal Disease .

Four horses . A Beautiful set of points amazing for my auto immune patient’s .

Memories! Working hard in Vietnam 2015 . In The largest hospital in Hanoi .

Perfectionism is a part of anxiety.

*********************** Book your first appointment now and get a 20% discount *********************** A modern cure for colds & flus, who needs antibiotics? Believe it or not - these are not bruises! If you suffer from stagnation due to poor posture, excessive gym work or stress, Cupping is the answer. From a physiological point of view cupping helps to free up the fascial restrictions in areas that are less flexible. In Traditional Chinese Medicine - Cupping therapy is also used at the onset of a cold or flu. If you are suffering from a cold or a flu Cupping will get you back on your feet. What’s more Cupping feels amazing! To find out more or make an appointment call or text Barbara @ 0863809067 /