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Ashbourne Youthreach

Unit 140 Ashbourne Ind. Est., Ashbourne, Ireland



Youthreach is a national programme which was set up to provide education and training to young people between the ages of 15 and 20 who have left school early and without former qualifications.

Ashbourne Youthreach is one of six Youthreach centres operating in County Meath. It was established in 1998 and currently operates as a 35 place centre.


Here are a few photos of our very talented students at Sproai na Mor 2017

Celebrating Further Education 🎉🎉

On Monday and Tuesday students from group 1 and 2 took part in a bake sale to raise money for St.Vincent De Paul they baked aload of goodies on monday and went around to local business on Tuesday to sell them, with success they raised alot of money to help the charity but they also asked all students and staff to bring in non-perishable foods to put in a hamper for them. On behalf on all at the centre we would like to thank all local business that helped us raise the money for the charity and we would like to say thank you to our very own teacher Vivien for giving our student this experience and opportunity. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yesterday all students and staff set of to Dundrum for our Christmas trip. It was a great day wit lots of fun with the ice skating and shopping, we would like to wish all staff and students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.🎅

Yesterday was the first school trip of the year. Students went to Kylemore Go Karting and Bowling it was a great first school trip to start the year of. All students enjoyed the day out and are now looking forward to the rest of the school trips to come.

It was a very sad day in the centre as all students and staff said their last goodbyes to two of their teachers Shane and Gail, all students and staff would like to wish Shane and Gail the best for their future and hope they enjoy their new jobs, they were a credit to the centre and really helped all of the students achieve the grades they needed for the future, we hope to see yous again we will miss yous.

Today all students were welcomed back into the centre for our first day back, over the summer holidays the the centre got a few new changes like new flooring and paint to brighten the place up, we also welcomed new staff members Antonio, Vivian and Carol Ann and hope they have a pleasant time teaching here in the centre and welcome to all new students who started today we hope yous all settle in soon, but as we welcomed new staff members we had to say a sad goodbye to Shane, Gail and Aoghan and we wish them all the best in their future jobs and hope that we will see them again, also students and staff would like to thank Shane, Gail and Aoghan for their outstanding help last year to make sure all their students got the grades they deserved for when they went through for their assesment in the summer.

Summer is coming to an end and Youthreach is creeping around the corner, we hope you all had an fantastic summer and enjoyed your summer holidays, we will see you all on the 6th of september for re-introduction.

This school year has come to an end, it has been an amazing year for all students and staff in the centre, the pressure was on to get all folders finished and with success they were all finished and ready to be put through for assement this summer, we would like to congratulate all students who finished their folders and hope they recieve the result they want and deserve. We will all sadly miss those who are leaving us this year and wish them luck in future.

Yesterday Ashbourne Youthreach won the regional's cup, the team played great and won the cup with an outstanding score of 9-3 it was a great day and all of the centre is delighted for our win. We are delighted to be going on to play in the nationals, well done to all youthreach centres who participated, and well done to our amazing team for winning us the cup!

Here is a link to the Ashbourne Youthreach you-tube channel, Videos will be posted shortly on the new you-tube channel and i will notify yous on the Facebook page so yous can go on and have a look :)

Last Thursday students of ashbourne youthreach and staff went on a 1916 bus tour, on the tour they heard diffrent accounts of people who fought alongside the leaders of the rising. The students where brought around dublin to see the diffrent bases used for the soilders of the rising, one of the intrestings bases they were showen was Dublin castle, everyone on the tour had an amazing day , it was a very intresting historical school trip.


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