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Second Draft

98 Tung Lo Wan Road, Tai Hang, Hong Kong



Second Draft is a friendly new space in Tai Hang for the community to congregate, socialize or simply spend their day.  


So proud of our cicerones! Thank you BeerFest Asia for inviting us to Singapore. We out! 🙌🏻 咦!無見幾日係咪有啲掛住我哋最正嘅BJCP Certified Judge 同有專業資格的啤酒鑑賞師兼經理零玖呢?其實呢幾日佢衝出香港,代表我哋同一班啤酒達人去左新加坡擔起啤酒品評嘅重任!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #BeerFestAsia2017 #Singapore #SecondDraftHK

Shoutout to Time Out Hong Kong for recognizing the craft beer movement in our city! They have a great list here for the best bars, so check us out and show some support to our friends as well! 由世界各地嘅精釀到本地啤酒都應有盡有,要飲啤酒就梗係嚟大坑揾我哋啦!😉 #BestBeerBar #CraftBeerHK #SecondDraftHK

The Bar Awards is going to be fun! We will see all our industry friends, and we have been shortlisted as one of the four best beer bars in town alongside our friends TAP - The Ale Project ! Can't wait to see everyone! 感謝 The Bar Awards 挑選我哋為全港頭4間啤酒酒吧,仲要同 Tap The Ale Project 一齊入選雙喜臨門!大家係咪都好期待20號公佈結果呢?🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #BestBeerBar #CraftBeerHK #SecondDraftHK

【重要公告】 以下係一則Second Draft嘅最新消息: 1️⃣ 星期一終於唔洗再憂鬱!我哋由今日起星期一會照常營業,實行一個星期7日都帶給大家最好嘅啤酒! 2️⃣ 歡樂時光:星期一至五由12點至8點,所有啤酒一律20% off! 3️⃣「優」鬱星期一:逢星期一推出不同優惠,今日飲Deschutes Passionfruit IPA 有20% off! 祝大家有個美好的一天同Second Draft見!👋🏻😉 If you been dreading Mondays without our company, we got good news for you! We will open 7 days a week starting today! Our Monday hours will be from 12pm to 1am, and we will do Blue Monday specials by putting 20% off the Deschutes Passionfruit IPA all night. Also Happy Hour will start from 12pm til 8pm Monday through Friday with 20% off all beers. What are you waiting for? Come through! #BlueMondaySpecials #NewOpeningHour #HappyHour #SecondDraftHK

Today is our beloved bar manager, Jack Byrne's last day. He's been with us since day one and has done a super job at Second Draft. We can't thank you more for your amazing service. You'll be terribly missed but we know you're about to embark on a brand new journey, so good luck and all the best from us! 👐🏻👐🏻👐🏻 Let's have a drink with him before he leaves today! Come through! #BestBarManager #YouWillBeMissed

Behind each shred of fresh flower crab meat is the hard work of our kitchen staff. Respect! 全靠我哋一班廚師日日手拆靚花蟹肉先有啖啖鮮嫩蟹肉嘅賽螃蟹麵咋!🌸🦀🍝 #賽螃蟹麵 #FlowerCrabPasta #SecondDraftHK

Our friends at Young Master Ales are always bringing new craft beer experiences to share with the city, and this time we are in for a treat! They are bringing the first mixed fermentation program inspired by lambic style brewing to Asia, so get ready for some serious funk! This Belgium tradition utilizes mixed-culture fermentation to create extra complexity and flavors. Come try one if you are an adventurous soul! 一眾啤酒迷期待已久嘅「無腳既雀仔」系列終於都嚟到Second Draft啦!呢款經過多重發酵嘅少爺啤擁有多變味道,入口有驚喜,絕對要嚟大坑試一試!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #DaysofBeingWildSeries #YoungMasterAles #CraftBeerHK #SecondDraft

Certified cicerone, Certifed BJCP judge and our general manager - James Zeronine Ling will be hosting a fun and educational craft beer pairing dinner on August 24! Join us if you want to taste delicious food paired with a specially curated selection of craft beers, and we will make sure you learn a few cool things about the whole movement before you leave! Mark低日子啦喂!我哋今個月嘅24號將會舉辦大家期待已久嘅啤酒配對晚餐,實行將啤酒配美食提升到另一層次,顛覆你哋對Beer Pairing 嘅刻板印象!除左美酒佳餚,當晚仲有持有BJCP Certified Judge 同 Certified Cicerone 專業資格的啤酒鑑賞師兼我哋GM-零玖坐陣,一於一路食一路長知識! 座位有限,從促報名:💻 #萬眾期待 #零玖出馬 #陪飲陪食 #你今日報左名未 #快Tag你身邊嘅酒鬼 #BeerPairing #CraftBeerDinner #SecondDraftHK

如果。。。如果有我哋陪大家過星期一,唔知會唔會無咁憂鬱呢?😛 Bet Mondays would be easier if we open our doors. Yay? #soon #monday #mondayblues #seconddrafthk

We present to you the Eggs Benedict to end all Eggs Benedicts. Our version with pork leg is not for the faint hearted. 當你試過我哋嘅班尼迪蛋就會發現原來以中式食材(啤酒慢煮豬蹄)入西式早午餐竟然會有意想不到的驚喜!💥💥💥 #eggbenedict #porklegbenedict #brunch #weekendbrunch #seconddrafthk

It's International Beer Day! Thanks for keeping us craft beer enthusiasts employed! 今日係「國際啤酒節」,亦即係為我哋呢班啤酒愛好者而設嘅節日!大家可以同朋友趁今日飲多兩杯啤酒,享受下美好的歡樂時光!🍻🍻🍻 #InternationalBeerDay #DrinkMoreBeer #CraftBeerHK #SecondDraftHK

Get ready to bounce because we are bringing major hops in the house! Its #IPADAY! The IPA is a leader in the craft beer renaissance, but it has been enjoyed by our ancestors as early as the 1800s! Time to celebrate this fine tradition! 各位愛啤酒之人,今日係「印度淡色愛爾日」啊喂!大家快啲嚟飲返杯香氣十足,以大量啤酒花釀造嘅IPA慶祝慶祝啦! 🍻 Young Master Ales LengZai IPA 🍻 Young Master Ales 1842 Island Imperial IPA 🍻 Heroes Beer Co. Cereusly IPA 🍻 Stone Brewing RuinTen Triple IPA 🍻 Deschutes Passionfruit IPA #IPA #IndiaPaleAle #OnTap #SecondDraftHK


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