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International Cuisine Society - ICS HKUST

Sai Kung, Sai Kung Tuk, Hong Kong



ICS HKUST is a society founded in 2015 which provides a link between international students and local students alike with what us humans like most: food. The International Cuisine Society was established in 2015 to answer to the dining and socializing need of many students in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The Executives Committee of ICS aims to gather local and international students together to experience the diversity of dining experience that Hong Kong provides.

Each month, the cabinet proposed a thematic around which the cabinet searched for a suitable restaurant ( where we of course got discounts for our members ;) ). The dining experience aims to make the student discover its counter-part group culture.

As, founders and executives of ICS, we value the differences of others. We will give the opportunity to our members to meet students they never met. We want to achieve what other think is impossible. We desire a truly united university.

     ~~~ The Executive Committee of ICS



NEAR International Cuisine Society - ICS HKUST