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Peacock The Art Experience

Workshop G on 9/F, nos.33-35 Century Industrial Centre, Au Pui Wan Street, , Fo Tan, Hong Kong



路線:火炭D出口步行5分鐘即可到達/ 沙田火車站轉乘60k或62k小巴                  ******派對場地,場地租用,到會繪畫服務,歡迎合辮工作坊活動******      


Canvas Price
20cm X 20 cm  $150        50cm X 60cm   $270
30cm X 40cm   $220        50cm X 70cm   $300
40cm X 50cm   $250        30cm x 60cm   $250
60cm X 80cm   $360

     Peacock the Art Experience will provide you with essential painting supplies and an ideal environment with soft music to enhance your mood to paint and unleash your creativeness. Peacock requires no drawing or painting skill, and there is no standard of beauty in art. We welcome you to relax with our Artist in Residence who will guide you through your artistic journey!

Peacock the Art Experience為你提供繪畫所需用品,配合舒適的環境及柔和的音樂,讓你輕鬆繪畫及投入藝術創作。不管你對繪畫有沒有興趣,別顧慮技巧不足或沒有繪畫經驗,創作並沒有藝術標準,亦無限制,在專業導師指導下,你可盡情放鬆,隨意發揮!

***20 x 30cm (Oval Shape)-$200***
***40 x 50cm (Oval Shape)-$250***