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Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo Denmark

Bernhard Bangs Allé 23, Frederiksberg, Denmark



Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo is committed to transmit the teachings of our soke Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi as directed in Japan. We are located in Copenhagen Denmark and have been member of Bujinkan since late 80'ies was founded in 1992 by Michael Kofoed, Michael Schjerling and William Boesen, who have all practiced Bujinkan since late 80'ies.

Michael Schjerling - 15.dan
Michael Kofoed - 14.dan
Philipp Pihl - 11.dan
Susanne Husted - 6.dan
Lars Termansen - 6.dan
Joakim Kroman - 5.dan



Kender jeg nogen, der har login til PHMetropol's online bibliotek? Har lige et par gamle artikler om ninjutsu jeg skal have ud ;-) Bare skriv en pm til mig. Tak - Michael Schjerling

Hichibuku Goshin Jutsu Certification July 2016

6 years intense study have come to an end. Peter King has been an enormous inspiration and a deeper personal friendship have been build up during the years. I feel that we together are just scratching the surface of knowledge and possibillities in sokes legacy from Takamatsu O-sensei in the art of natural medicine known as Hichibuku Goshin Justu Amatsu Tatara Hibun. And I look forward to the many years of studying further together with Peter and the group. I have always been studying the aspects of budo which involves how to make the body and mind naturally healthy, flexible and strong via the ways soke teaches and have found that it is always these methods that works best with my self and my clients at Move2Peak. Through the study with Peter I have further awakened this curiosity and got many more bricks in the puzzle. We will start a new round of Hichibuku courses with Peter in Copenhagen from the fall 2016 starting from September 24-25'Th. Gambatte - Michael

Hichibuku Goshin Jutsu Certification July 2016

Masaaki Hatsumi Living Ninja Legend

Buyukai 2016 Bujinkan 30 års jubelæum i Danmark

Events of the year in Denmark.

Buyukai 2016 Bujinkan 30 års jubelæum i Danmark


About Soke Masaaki Hatsumi - Bujinkan Kuki Taisho Dojo

Kvinde! Er du klar hvis du skulle blive overfaldet eller komme ud for en truende adfærd? Hvad gør du? På det intensive 12 ugers kursus SKRID lærer du netop det via grundig instruktion og vejledning fra tre meget erfarne og professionelle instruktører. Vi har stadig ledige pladser på holdet, der starter 1/9 2016. Se mere her: Skriv gerne til os på hvis du har spørgsmål. Mvh. Michael Schjerling

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English subtitles on NHK World documentary about soke and Bujinkan.

Living Ninja Legend - Special Programs - July - TV Programs - NHK WORLD - English

Buyukai 2016 and 30 years of Bujinkan in Denmark. Sign up now.

Musubi Seminar - Denmark 2016

We have invited two of the elite instructors of this generation to join us at the Musubi Seminar. Fernando Aixa and Lauri Jokinen will teach with us. This will be a great seminar and training party. Book your spot already now and meet new and old friends.

Musubi Seminar - Denmark 2016

Photos from Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo's post

Chi no kata basics. I believe chi no kata basic practice is important to give structure behind the super-natural and invisible movements of taijutsu. If you have skipped regular, good practice in the work of low kamae in these basics I think it would be best to do this before you get too old to bend your knees. It might help you to do this every day with focus on your hara + equal movement of ankles, knees and hips. Also try to level and open your hips without sticking your butt out. So many bones need to be controlled and have the correct freedom to really get in to the correct feeling with this kata, so most need more Shin Kokyo Sanden and junan taiso for this. I love it and still need to correct many things in my basics. Please enjoy the process. Gambatte!

Photos from Bujinkan Denmark Kuki Taisho Dojo's post

Timeline Photos

Right now at the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo Japan. Doug Wilson and Noguchi sensei <3 <3. This must be double impact with the force of Odin and Thor.

Timeline Photos


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