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Borgergade 111, Copenhagen, Denmark
Retail and consumer merchandise



CultureNordic is where you find the best in Nordic gifts from leading Scandinavian museums and designers. More info at In the new millennium, we find a different world, a postmodern world with rapidly shifting self, national, and global boundaries. The postmodern world is a world of emergence, contingency, and flux, and ultimately shapes how and why we consume, and our passion for truth and new forms of narrative. Postmodernism shapes, forms, and characterizes the way we consume experiences and products.

There is a growing recognition of that, which makes us happy or fulfills our needs, is essentially grounded in a cultural and historic context – in other words we look for meaning and context embedded in our history and stories which occupy niches in an unfolding social structure.

In the face of increasing global consumerism, developing cultural distinctiveness provides a valueable foundation for developing the products and services, which satisfy the needs of employees and customers.

We hope we can bring a little of this to our Facebook site, where we want to show a more engaging and at times irreverent view of our particular nordic cultural heritage.



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