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Excalipurr Cat Cafe

2156 Albert St., Regina, Canada
Coffee Shop



Located in the heart of the city, Excalipurr will bring you specialty coffee, tea and vegetarian fair while enjoying feline accompaniment Excalipurr Cat Café
Located in the heart of the city, Excalipurr will be Regina’s purrveyor of fine specialty coffees and vegetarian fair – served with the finest of feline accompaniment.

Cat cafés have two components — a café/restaurant in one area, and a cat salon in the other. Cats are kept separate from any food service and prep areas. Customers can stay on the cafe side, or take their beverages and food over to the other room to hang out with the kitties. Excalipurr will offer Regina a new style of cafe with delicious food and excellent specialty drinks with the added experience of snuggling an adoptable cat.

Excalipurr is honoured to partner with Regina Cat Rescue, who will provide a bevy of scrumptious, adoptable cats that you can lie around with while you enjoy your latte. A small cover charge will help keep the cats in style. And if you’re smitten by one of our kittens, you can apply to Regina Cat Rescue and make it official with your new familiar. All cats will be spayed or neutered, and will be up to date on vaccinations.
Excalipurr Cat Café is located at 2156 Albert Street, a character building in the Cathedral area of Regina.

Chelsey Legendre is a 28-year-old entrepreneur. She has many years experience working with kids and youth in various positions, and experience with women struggling with addiction and the homeless of Regina. Chelsey also has a management background in the coffee industry. She is an avid animal lover and mental health advocate.

Regina Cat Rescue (RCR) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization and registered charity that helps abandoned cats and kittens and educates people about the humane treatment of pets.
RCR’s rescue cats and kittens found on the street, on farms and under abandoned houses and businesses, and provide them with necessary veterinary care such as spay/neuter, identification and vaccination, as well as the rehabilitation necessary for adoption into loving homes.
Regina Cat Rescue is a member organization of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies.

Giles Steel is Vice-Purresident (Feline Affairs). Giles busted into the back of Excalipurr the very night the lease was signed. He is skilled in survival, tax preparation and the manly art of love. Giles is seeking a more permanent arrangement once he sees Excalipurr launched. He can be reached through Regina Cat Rescue.


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Typical morning at Excalipurr. Kitties are waiting for their yummy food from @metropetmarket

Remember to sign up for Cat Yoga!!!!! Every Sunday at 9am. We also have a special Saturday yoga class on March 24th at 9am. Limited spots, pre-registration encouraged.

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If you haven’t been able to join us on Sunday mornings for yoga, hopefully you can join us Saturday March 24th. If there is enough interest we can make Saturday’s a regular thing! :)

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