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Are you blinded by Debt, are going nowhere fast? Are you sick of playing catch up, and not living life to the fullest?

WE CAN HELP... Debt Angel services is a company designed to help get people get out of debt. While keeping their credit rating in check and saving them loads of money in the process.

At the heart of what we do, we offer our clients a lifeline, helping them to be able to think clearly and see the light at the end of the tunnel, when life is often at its darkest hour.
We do this by saving our clients from making “those” dreaded calls, and of course saving them a lot of money in the debt management process!
As a starting point, what we offer the client, is a no fuss, affordable debt management solution for large regulated service/credit providers (credit cards, utilities, etc)

Are you blinded by your debt? Do you hold your breath every time the phone rings? Do you refuse to answer a private number? Are you self-medicating or in denial of your situation? Are you being bullied by financial institutions chasing their money? Do you feel helpless? hopeless? and or have you or are you thinking of going bankrupt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... we can help!

Debt Angels knows your pain, as we have been through excruciating financial situations personally more than once in our careers and as such we have found a way to step in and help you get things back on track, so you are no longer paralyzed and are free to go back out into the world with your head held high!

The first thing we do, is step in and re initiate communication with your debtors and put the brakes on so no further action is taken and then we start mapping out a solution., In essence we become your personal  spokesperson in regards to your debt.

Part of the process is working with you to whittle the debt down and potentially reduce the amount of debt you need to repay sometimes quite substantially.

The very first thing we do is take the pressure of all of your impending debts away from you, so you no longer need to worry about it. We do this by acting on your behalf, when speaking with the debtors, working out your actual situation and working as a middle person between you and the financial institution, giving you room to breathe, then we work together to forge a solution that works for all parties.

We offer a free consultation and we guarantee that with our service and support, we will be able to manage your debt and in a short period of time, save you thousands of dollars in interest. You have nothing to lose. Let us help you pick up the pieces and get back in control of your finances and your life.


Passing Down Bad Debt

What are you teaching your kids about money? 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 So often I see adults in serious financial distress and then we speak about their children and they are following in their foitsteps.... I have a personal gripe with the schooling system and what they don't teach in relation to what KIDS need to learn in order to live a successful life. Enjoy this article. There is lots of gold in it xxx

Another amazing email from a dear client.... "Firstly, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job!! You bought tears of relief to me and the emotion still wells in my heart!!! I feel like I am starting to clear the past and can open the doors to my future!!" Making a difference in peoples lives and getting them back on track is what we do.... honored to be able to contribute to people living their lives, rather than surviving life....

I Am Not A Survivor - I AM A WARRIOR (Motivational Video)

From the bottom to the top... We help people find the solutions that are bigger than their problems, so they can go from zero to hero ♡ Disapear your debt so you can shine as bright as you are meant to xxx

Today we sent another happy Customer back out into the world debt free - Woohoo This wonderful man came to us via his very concerned mother 1.5 years ago, with over 30k in debt and no way to pay it. Living off shore, on a low income (compared to Australian standards) no way to pay, drowning and depressed.... We were delighted when we were able to save him well over 20k in 18 months and even more delighted that he is debt free and back out in the world holding his head up high. Debt is a real buzz kill, question is... are you going to let it control you - or are you going to grab it by the short and curly's and kick its Rosie white ass lol If you are up for getting debt free, we urge you to get in communication (this is by far the hardest part of the whole situation) - take the first step and see what we can do to help you GET BACK ON TRACK - only people who are serious about transforming their lives need aply xxx


Everything happens for a reason.... even being blinded by debt. Question is... what are you going to make it mean about you?


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Nothing matches the feeling you get when you finally PAY OFF A BILL that has been hanging over your head for way too long is sensational!

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Women In Biz - Kitty Thomas

Here is an interview our founder Kitty Thomas did recently for Women in Biz. The lovely Kara asked her lots of questions that i am sure will be of great value to anyone experiencing any sort of financial pressure. Please feel free to share the message with anyone you think could benefit from hearing some of the pertinent information shared. Mental note don't use desk lamp as lighting next interview otherwise Oompa Loompa look will become the signature look


Love being part of a movement of women inspiring and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves. This is exactly what we stand for at Debt Angel Services... clearing away the stuff in the way so you can shine bright xx Thank you Kara for your love and inspiration xx

Signs your debt is out of control

If you want to know how to save yourself some money have a read of this article x

The unclaimed payouts, grants and rebates that can boost Aussie families’ budgets

its good to see the government helping out those who need it when and how the need it - have look - you never know you might be able to et some assistance too


Kitty Thomas a single mother of two and the founder of Debt Angels Services knows exactly what it is like to be in debt, as she has personally experienced being in over 150k unsecured debt with absolutely no idea how she was going to get out of it. Kitty knows all about the struggle, the shame and the frustration of being so far in debt there literally doesn’t seem like there is a way out. Kitty saw many of her nearest and dearest struggling with debt that they couldn’t pay, she saw it breaking up families and witnessed people she loved with no quality of life as all their money was going on paying their bills and stupidly high interest. They were drinking and smoking way too much, ultimately either in denial or knowing that they had no idea what to do to get out of the mess they were in. She knew there was another way – as she had been down the road herself and managed to get out of debt with her credit in check and subsequently reclaim her life. She knew from her own experience that she could help people get out of debt before it was too late – and so… “Debt Angel Services” was born x Debt Angel Services is all about giving our customers peace of mind, saving them a lot of money and teaching them how to navigate their way back into the light and out of the dark hole they currently find themselves in, allowing them to create a whole new future for themselves and their families. Debt Angels offer our clients, someone to talk to and someone who will help navigate the process of freeing themselves from the heavy burden of debt while saving them lots of money, time and heartache along the way. Debt Angels steps in and speak with the creditors on your behalf, stop the letters and calls, reduce what you are paying, often stopping payments and sometimes interest as well. Once this happens we find our clients are able to breathe again, which in turn gives them time to think, which gives them time to design/ create a solution and ultimately gets them back on track. We work with our clients to free then from the constraints of debt, giving them a new found freedom and a whole new future to look forward too. If you or anyone you know or love is suffering from this fate – please give us a call – we would be delighted to have an obligation free conversation and see what we can do to help. You can find us on Facebook Debt Angels Services or on our website or you can call us directly on 1300 72 832 There is another way – let us help you find it x


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