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Maria Pilli - Naturopath

Shop 57,CS Square 29-35 Lake street, Caroline Springs, Australia
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We use safe, natural and well proven herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals that effectively assist your body’s natural ability to return to health Our core philosophy is based on a wholistic approach. We view you as an individual and that is carried further and reflected in the treatment offered.  

What treatments/medications do we use?

We use safe, natural and well proven herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals that effectively assist your body’s natural ability to return to a state of health.

How does a Naturopathic consultation work?

We discuss and document your medical history and your health concerns. We then supply and monitor the best tailored treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle. In some cases we work with your GP or other specialists to assist with further diagnosis

Some conditions which can be effectively treated are:   
Hormonal imbalance
Skin conditions
Womens Health Digestive problems
Childrens Health
Blood pressure
Elevated cholesterol
Anxiety & Depression
Obesity Hyper/hypo thyroidism
Stress and fatigue
Weight management
Adrenal stress
Nutritional guidance


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Here are some lovely testimonials from current clients about Maria's work as a Naturopath. "My child has been a client of Maria Pilli since 2013. With Maria's assistance we have been able to successfully manage my childs condition. Maria has always been very approachable, she is always happy to address any questions i have either through email, text messages or over the phone. Happy to recommend her to others." Doreen "I have considerably less pain using natural products than prescription anti inflammatories. And generally I just feel great!" Jacqueline "I have been going to Maria since September last year. I have been on my special formula that she makes up for me since then and have notice that is has help me physical, mentally and emotionally. Even my blood tests have shown improvement. I will and have recommended other people to go and see her. She is brilliant!" Kylie "Professional yet personable. Empathetic and obviously extremely knowledgeable. Very positive results from the treatment" Phil

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We are what we Eat, means a lot more than many know. It's never to late to change your diet and let your body heal.

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Maria Pilli - Naturopath's cover photo

Maria Pilli - Naturopath's cover photo


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