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Caudill Seed Company

1402 West Main Street, Louisville, United States
Wholesale & Supply Store



Caudill Seed Company is a region-wide seed and supply distributor, serving the agricultural, turf seed, and contractor supply, and reclamation industries.


Read your seed tags! Make sure you are getting quality seeds without unnecessary coatings.

Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds can be seen everywhere. We have a product called Viper that will make those weeds go away. One bag covers 10,000 square feet. It also provides a shot of slow release fertilizer to help your lawn through summer stress.

Family owned since 1947! ❤️ Make us your reliable source in agricultural needs! 🌱 (Photo featuring our CEO’s granddaughter)

Contact our Sales Representatives for details on all of our products including garden seed and sweet corn! 🌽❤️ (502)583-4402

“With more than 65 years of serving the agribusiness industry, Caudill Seed is pleased with the strong year the United States had in 2017 in terms of agriculture exports.”

Did you know that there’s an agricultural app that’s helping thousands of farmers? 🌱

ATTENTION ALL PET OWNERS: If your pets leave brown spots in your lawn, apply gypsum to these areas. This will essentially tie up the salts in your soil and allow them to be flushed away for the re-growth of your turf. 🐶 Call Caudill Seed to place your order! (502) 583-4402 🌱

We wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas! 🎄❤️

Amend your soil on a regular basis! Soil amendments can be added to improve the structure of your soil. While this can be done any time of the year, most people take this step in the late fall and early winter. Proper soil pH is an essential key to allow an efficient fertility plan. Make sure to call your local lawn service contractor to collect a soil sample to determine your needs. In order to maintain proper pH the question is rarely whether or not lime is necessary, it is usually a question of how much lime is necessary.

Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️ We are thankful for all of our hard-working employees, our customers, and 70 years in business!


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