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Junior Achievement of Central Iowa

6100 Grand Ave, Des Moines, United States
Youth Organization



Empowering young people to own their economic success! Founded in 1919, Junior Achievement (JA) is part of America's oldest, largest, and fastest growing non-profit organization.  Junior
Achievement of Central Iowa was charted in 1955.  JA of Central Iowa actively implements programs in 29 central Iowa counties.  During the 2012-2013
school year, more than 1500 volunteers will bring business to life for more than 28,500 central Iowa students.


North Polk Central Elementary 5th graders had a super successful day at JA BizTown! Thank you for being polite, kind "citizens." North Polk West Elementary School

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Creston Community Elementary School Grades 1-5 - Day 2 - Students had another fabulous day in JA BizTown. Smiles all around as the citizens worked and shopped in our community.

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Creston Community Elementary School Grades 1-5 students did a fantastic job working hard and supporting the local JA BizTown community by writing checks, using their debit cards and spending cash. All 14 businesses paid off their loans!

Moulton Elementary students had the unique opportunity to work as an adult on Monday in JA BizTown. Great job!

Thank you to the awesome Dowling Catholic High School students that volunteered to mentor Moulton Elementary students on Monday! You made an impact!

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