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Snowball Express

611 S Main St, Ste 400, Grapevine, United States
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Snowball Express serves the children of our fallen military heroes. We started in 2006 with a simple idea: Provide hope and new memories to the children of our fallen military heroes who have died while on active duty since September 11, 2001. Snowball Express supports the children and the surviving spouses of the great men and women who have given their lives for our country since 9/11. What many people tend to forget is that the soldier is not the only one giving and serving. Each family member of every soldier also serves. They live each day knowing that their husband or wife, son or daughter, mom or dad may never come home. And when a soldier dies, these families are left behind to carry on without their hero. We must continue to support these families who have given so much. We owe it to the heroes who gave their life, and to the spouses and children who gave us their hero.

The mission of Snowball Express is to create hope and new memories for these children. We accomplish our mission through events that we host throughout the year. We host one large event each year, known as the "Snowball Express" event, and several smaller events known as "Snowflake" events. At these events we bring children together from all over the country. The healing that occurs when these children come together is truly remarkable. The simple act of bringing these children together changes their lives. We allow the children to be children again. We show them that it is OK to smile and laugh again, and we introduce them to other kids who are just like them. Each December, the all volunteer team at Snowball Express brings as many as 1500 children and surviving spouses to a major U.S. city for a week long gathering of carefree joy, holiday celebration and healing. This December, at the single largest gathering of military children of its kind, Snowball Express families will arrive in Dallas and will bond with hundreds of other families just like themselves; experiencing the kind of camaraderie only they know. They will also receive the healing experience of seeing thousands of patriotic Americans show their love and gratitude. These children and surviving parents will know that they are loved and not forgotten, and that this country deeply appreciates the sacrifices that they have made.


That’s right! We are 6 days from the start of #SnowballExpress17. Less than one week until Gold Star Families from around the world are brought together with the help of our friends from American Airlines. Tell us what you are most excited about this year. Also tell us any concerns that you may have as a first time participant. We want to alleviate any concerns so everyone can enjoy the experience as much as possible. Also, if you haven’t shared the information about the Walk of Gratitude, please do so. We want this to be the best one yet.

7 days, or one week until all the American Airlines flights stop in 30 cities around the country to bring our awesome Gold Star families to the D/FW area. Some are flying in from overseas and others are driving to the "Big D." For our veterans, what advice for packing would you give to those coming to Snowball Express for the first time?

Get ready to click the Share button, because on Saturday, Dec. 9th, American Airlines is sending out 11 charter planes around the country to pick up over 1,700 family members of those who have died during active military service to our nation. These Gold Star families will spend five days in the D/FW area being treated like VIPs as we unite them and bring new happy memories to the children during the holiday season. On Sunday, Dec. 10th, The Snowball Express "Walk of Gratitude" in Fort Worth is the public's only chance to come out to show them the love and support that they so deserve. Come on out if you're in the DFW area as the parade/program is an incredible experience that you won’t want to miss. Bring a Boy or Girl Scout troop, make it a church Sunday school event, invite local civic groups or clubs, and invite your co-workers to make it a team event. Create signs to show them that you care. You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to express your appreciation to the family members of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. OK, it’s time to click the Share button and then start making plans to join us in Ft. Worth. Ready, set, go! #SnowballExpress17

That's right! 8 more days until 11 American Airlines planes fly to 30 cities around the country to pick up over 1,700 VIPs! Who's ready for #SnowballExpress17?

A few hours left to help make a difference on Giving Tuesday. See how here.

Make Today for Children of Fallen Military

Looking forward to spending some time talking with Dan Ronan on SiriusXM channel 146 this afternoon. Today is a day to remember and give thanks for all of our blessings. We will be speaking about a very special group, Snowball Express, the children and families of our fallen military heroes whose sacrifices have blessed us all in so many ways. Join us to remember and give thanks today on SiriusXM channel 146, at 2:00 PM Central, 3:00 PM Eastern. American Airlines

Thank you Tony Salazar for supporting Snowball Express and the children of our fallen military heroes! To our families, you may recognize Tony as the Elf who welcomes you when you arrive at DFW airport in December, but Tony is also a retired U.S Marine, and one of our great friends from American Airlines who supports our efforts 365 day a year. Tony stopped by our office with a gift, and I wanted you to see what he has been doing this year. I spoke with Tony on video. Please watch here.

Snowball Express has been honored with a Top-Rated Award for 2017 from GreatNonprofits! We appreciate all of your support and contributions!

Thank You FOX Sports and NFL on FOX for recognizing Snowball Express and honoring the children and families of America's fallen military heroes today. To each of the FOX Sports team who wore the Snowball Express lapel pin, thank you. #FoxSportsSupports #FoxSports Bob Apetz Amber Johnson Michael Strahan Official Terry Bradshaw