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Saint-Alexandra Healthcare Services: In Deo Fidemus

13-15 Sheet Street, Windsor, United Kingdom



Ill health can be stressful, which is why we will do everything we can to make life easier for you and your family Saint-Alexandra Healthcare is a Group of Independent Intensive Care Nurses and we are here to help with your personal nursing care offering you the uppermost quality of care that you need. We understand the effect of Critical illness completely which is why we will go forth extra mile to make it better for you and your family. We specialise in caring for individual patient Locally, Nationally and Internationally. We are aware of how daunting being ill can be, therefore we can just be a hand to hold. Our services include travel escort with family who wish to take their loved one on vacation and in need of personal Nursing Care. Intensive Care Services for Home Care, Hospice and Nursing Homes covering Palliative care, Complex Respiratory Therapy, Neurological Care and Surgical Care. Healthcare Services, Repatriation and other Care delivery that is needed. Locum for the National Health Service, the Private Health Sector and Nursing Agencies at the hospital based Critical Care Setting (ICU) caring for the Level3 and level2 patients at 1:1 and 1:2 ratio. We are Specialist Adult Intensive Care Nurses with many years of experience. We take patient care extremely very serious and close to heart, advocating for the best interest of our clients. Life is a journey thus Care is Life to us.



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Windsor, United Kingdom
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