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Took me a longer time to walk to work today for all the photos I was taking. I regret nothing! Take some time to enjoy your surroundings today everybody, wherever you are. 🙏❄

Thank you for sharing your energy with me, yogis! What a perfect way to kick off the weekend. I'm a lucky lady. #bestjob 🙏 😙🤗

Props props props! In chair yoga we use everything as a prop, even the wall. Come join in Saturdays at 11am at 4 Motion Dance for a good ol' stretch out. 🤗

"In an exploratory study published in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, researchers found that 12 weeks of yoga slowed cellular aging" If yoga 5 days a week for 12 weeks sounds like a lot, start with the alternate nostril breathing... or any form of mindful breathing! Sounds like a no brainer but it truly is transformative stuff. Have a lovely weekend everyone. 🤗

Some snaps from the week. Thank you all! My heart is full and I'm so grateful 🤗

Chair yogis! In case you didn't get my email or if you're not a regular, there's no class this week. We will start our new 5-week course on November 11. If you'd like to come along, it's at 4 Motion Dance Theatre Company on Vansittart road Saturdays at 11am. We will most likely have a coffee at the Loading Bay Cafe after 😋 Namaste

Happy half term holidays, yogis. No classes until the weekend of 4th November. Have a good break!

Happening this Saturday at Strong Vibes! This week we focus on building strength, working on our balance and keeping the mind calm and focussed. Slots still available. :)

Thanks lovely Chair Warriors for a great class yesterday. Such good energy! See you all next week 🤗 Drop me a message if you'd like to join in! 11am Saturdays at The Studio at 4 Motion Dance Theatre Company. All levels welcome 😊

Back to Chair Yoga this morning! It's gonnabe a great stretch. 😊 come down Saturdays at 11am for some yoga and breathing and a coffee after! Can't wait to see you all again xx

And twist! So good to start my weekend with these awesome yogis 🤗 lovely to see everyone back on the mat. Thank you Strong Vibes Windsor for having me!