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Ultra Zoanthids

6 roberts close, Wednesbury, United Kingdom
Aquatic Pet Store



UZ Ultrazoanthids® are West Midlands based retailers of beautiful marine livestock. Zoas,ricordias,lps & sps corals,softies & CUC of the highest quality. UZ Ultrazoanthids® was launched in response to the ever growing popularity of zoanthids amongst marine hobbyists. We love what we do & in addition to our passion for zoanthids, we love marine reef keeping across the board and carefully source colourful & visually appealing specimens that will make your home reef display look that little bit special.  

Alongside our UZ® zoa collection we stock a range of other livestock with emphasis on quality over quantity.



Morning folks 👋 where's it gone........😁 oh Well, new floor to order and new stands to be built 😁

Morning folks 👋 I'm opening up early today due to loads of stuff going on in the shop. 9-6 today Oh got what some of you have been asking for too⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hay folks 👋 open as normal now 😁

Morning folks, shall be open a bit later this morning. Don't worry, routine today

Morning folks 👋 loads to frag today so I know what I'm doing 😁

Morning folks 👋 a bit of greenery for you 😂

Morning folks 👋 busy day unpacking and fish house to do so a quick phone pic of some rather nice mushies 👌

Morning folks 👋 almost there, I reckon it'll start getting filled this week 😁

Morning folks 👋 who's got flow issues from the return.......? Shake it up and fit these, they are fantastic at giving a random flow straight from the return 👌 I use them and the best thing I did!

Back on the shelf folks 😁 thought I'd get in a few this time 😂

Morning folks 👋 well I was asked to get the range of salt from here it is 😁

Morning folks 👋 think I have a new found love 😍 only open till 3pm today due to doctors

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