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The Lions Den Personal Training, Sutton Coldfield

100 Tower Road, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom
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Professional Boxer and qualified personal trainer; Jordan "The Lion" Lynch offering Personal Training in Sutton Coldfield I am a Professional Boxer and Certified Personal Trainer now offering one-to-one Personal Training sessions in my gym located in Mere green, Sutton Coldfield B75 area. The gym will be open to the public on 1st May 2017, if you are interested in booking in some sessions with me I do pay as you go or bulk discount options as well as offering free diet plans and advice to my clients. Please do get in touch and I can help you meet your goals!


Only my mum Michelle Elaine Smith could be doing a 5k mud run with a coffee in her hand for the last hurdles 😂😂👏 Well done though Mum great work. Are you even a athelete if you don't train on a Sunday??? #LetsGoSunday

Perfect day for some outdoor sprint work with the parachute 🌞🏃💨 #letsgosunday

**Fact** Weight-loss is not FAT-loss!!! Do you want to lose fat from your body or do you want to weigh less by losing muscle and water from your body? Baring in mind the more muscle you have in your body, the more fat you will lose and the better your body will look overall... Don't get obsessed with what it says on the scales and wanting to lose pounds on the scales just because Linda next door lost 6 pounds in a week at weightwatchers through change of diet and no exercise. Linda has lost muscle and water, not fat. Weightwatchers and companies like this only care about your next weigh-in. They don't care about your body and your visible results or whether you are healthy, fit, toned and strong. Losing fat is the slowest way to decrease your weight on the scales but it is the best way to decrease fat from your body and change the shape or your body, making you fitter, stronger and losing inches and becoming more toned. Do you want to weigh less or do you want to LOOK better? Make your choice.

Let's Go Saturday!!! 🥊🏃💨💦🔥

4 Stone lost now for Scott 👏 Think this deserves a LionsDen Team T-shirt #Teamwork #ProudTrainer #Hardworkpaysoff

Great to have Scott back in the Gym tonight🥊🎥✔ 7th Round in and still working his arse off!!

Footwork drills and sprints with Sean Sale today to start the session off 🏃💨👏

🥊🥊 Great work on the pads today with Rob. Feeling sharp and powerful ✔☞ #boxing

Top session with Rob today in the Gym. Working hard as always Let's go Friday ✔🎥💪

4th day in the Gym tonight with Harjit Chadha another strong session in the bag!!! 4 sets of 10 reps on bench press 👏👏 Killing it well done #stronggirl #personaltraining #gym #fitness #hardwork #training

Great work today with Mark on the pads 🥊👌 showing some good speed and power in his work. #boxing #padwork #lionsden #gym #training #speed #power #bodyshots #fitness


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