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Smiffy Bears

74 Cobblestone Walk High Street, Steyning, United Kingdom
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Smiffy Bears sell bears by Smiffy, Deb Canham, Hermann, Steiff, Merrythought, Keel, vintage and has a bear hospital where Smiffy has 30 of experience xxx



My little friend is back, just as well I don’t sweep up too well in my shop xxxxxx

I think I’ve turned into Snow White, here is another little friend who has been visiting my shop xxx

Well now here’s something for the fox psychologists. I haven’t seen Momma fox for a few days, due to heavy rain maybe. This morning, She was sitting in the chair right next to the back door; just seemed to be waiting for me. I went out with her jam sandwich and medicine and she came right up to me. She ate the sandwich and then came very close, so I gave her some more bread bits, it was a good multi seeded bread. She seemed to be saying something to me. So I chatted for a while and she tilted her head as if to understand. As I came back into the house, Poppa fox came up to the back door and I saw he was limping badly and had his hind foot off the floor. I went out to him and threw some titbits of bread but limped away. On a great note, Momma is getting her fur back and not scratching xxxx

Single or double, have a lovely day xxxxx

Momma fox saying thank you for her treated jam sandwich xxx

Momma fox continues to get better but I saw poppa fox with her this morning, a fine figure of a dog.........more babies me thinks, oh the poor garden. Checked out the greenhouse yesterday. It would appear they love to play with my sempavervums and baskets, bits everywhere xxxxx

Charlie bear Jackie takes care of this old boy, his leg is detached but will be mended soon xxxx

Don’t be upset. This is what mange does to our foxes and dogs if untreated. This is momma fox and she is making a great recovery. Two weeks ago she could barely move or open her eyes. Let’s eradicate mange from the UK. Get free mange, natural remedy treatment from the fox web site. You’ll find it easily. You can donate if you want to. It won’t hurt any other animal. The experts say put the treatment on bread with something sweet like jam as cats hate sweet things. Momma looks out for her jam sandwich every morning now. Go momma go!

Brain of Britain here, note to self, when using my new small kettle, don’t put a plastic fork in the dried macaroni cheese. Why? I just ate scrummy macaroni cheese with melted plastic fork.

Saw momma fox last week, she was in a sorry state with mange. I gave her the medicine and today I saw her. She came right up to me and looked much healthier. She has all her fur up to her hind and is then bald. However she was alert and looking for the food, so I gave her more medicine. She is now playing with the football in the garden, hurray xxxxxx

Look what came on today for repair, twins?

The fairies are here xx


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