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Coalition Performance - Solihull

Poolhead Lane, Earlswood, Solihull, United Kingdom
Gym/Physical Fitness Center



Unique Fitness Facility. 'Unrivalled coaching, a passionate environment & the UK's leading professionals in Strength, Fitness, Rehab & Personal Training'


I REMEMBER when I first met Mark after his knee surgery, with his now wife (and fellow CP member) Gemma. Why? Well aside from being envious they had been to Glastonbury that year, there was something else. They were incredibly likeable, warm and down to earth. In fact... Not only did I know we could repair his knee and body BUT... I genuinely WANTED to help. Do you know what... People who go onto hit the goals Mark (and Gemma) have hit, are just a pleasure to be with, they HAVE IT And the more people like that you support and bring together, the more that effect multiples, plus... The more pleasure we have being a key part in people's lives. OUTSTANDING Mark, and maybe one day I will make it to Glastonbury :)

Striving to be FITTER and trimmer, but confused on where to begin, and without getting INJURED **Watch below, where we explain how you can make the right choices**

We Shall Remember Them... And maybe put into perspective how we've never had it better or easier in comparison

RESULT (11kg fat mass down, 3kg more muscle, more power). Rob started 11 weeks ago off the back of repeated injuries... Also with the desire to develop his fitness, body and durability to maximise his rugby performance And he's made a superb early start... Plus critically is relishing the experience and loving it!

QUALITY & DETAIL BEHIND THE SCENES || 4 hours a week, every week... That's how our team members get their personal nutrition feedback, rather than: - A generic nutrition plan which lasts 8 weeks and then what? - A one off sit down on everything you need to change and how 'your diet awful' While apps like myfitnesspal are great, there's a bit of an issue... A. It's difficult for most people to know how to interpret what any of the info means B. Even then, your unsure what's needs changing and more critically, HOW... That's why our team members get the quality of support to know all the SOLITONS to above, that's the breadth of support at CP you get

EVERYONE HAS THEIR 1ST (outstanding Rich) - In this clip from Tuesday, Richard Atkins Chubbs works his way through achieving completion of his first ever fitness/conditioning session (shuttling in the background). Bu more importantly for you.... We all get nervous over taking any first step, but remember everyone has their first session, their first go at something they've never done.... This is what many CP members see as a significant step, and one they always remember. So immense credit to you Rich, also Mark Lewis who did his on Saturday, BUT ALSO... The likes of Matt Porter, Ollie Muntz and Andy Hawkins who like all the CP team, provided great support, encouragement and some humour to help! #inittogether

35kg of Body Fat lost and Counting (Lee can barely hold the equivalent in weight plates) Holidays, work and solving a lower back injury have halted the progress! Any thing is possible when you have quality structure and a great attitude

THE 3 THINGS, I'd love to tell you... Actually the cynics would say 'that's obvious' well maybe, but it doesn't mean you DO them. I'd say 99% of the world don't.... 1). Nothing changes if nothing changes, the same INPUT can't create a magical new OUTPUT. Things have to change, but only for great things to happen as a result 2). You'll never not be busy, when were you ever 'quiet' when did you ever have 'a really calm, totally chilled week'. WORK WITH IT not against otherwise point 1 won't happen 3). I've actually never told anyone who has come to meet me, that they can't achieve their goal... As I'm yet to see anyone who follows the formula to ever do anything but achieve. Therefore YOU CAN get the results you want, so stop telling your tired mind the lies that you can't


YOUR ABILITY DOESN'T MATTER - Its easy to think you require a certain 'ability' or skill before you can start achieving with your training and body (it honestly doesn't). Here's how you can do it, like our team members using this great core training example....

CP's Youngest Coaches (mini Coach Dave's) and the most demanding session of the week! #familly

GENUINE PRAISE - Dedication to YOU is something which changes 'hopes' into actual results and reality....And at CP we recognise this in its highest form via 'CP 100'... Those who have demonstrated superb dedication to their training journey... But in doing so, inspired others and contributed to our special and motivating culture at 'The Shrine' over 100 weeks of training Great people from all walks of life who we get the pleasure of coaching and supporting, legends 🙂


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