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love2move is the new way to sell your house online, an internet estate agent partnered with established high street estate agents with a local office, to give you the best of both an online and traditional estate agent. love2move is your high street estate agent online.

love2move combines the best of online and traditional estate agents. We’ve married together the local knowledge and support of a local agent with the reach and convenience of the internet to give you, the vendor, the best of both worlds and saving you money.

love2move was established by Georgina Cox and Mark Worrall, directors of property marketing company MovingWorks. Georgina is a property lawyer with over 30 years experience in the property market and Mark is a financial advisor with over 12 years experience. Both directors hold the NFOPP Level 3 award and are experienced in the sale of residential property.

The concept originated after Mark and his wife Rachael Worrall drew on their own experiences of moving house to last year.  Whilst they were able to rely on Mark’s expertise as Sales Director of locally based property marketing agency MovingWorks, they realised that others in their age group would be attracted to the cheaper online agents, losing out on the valuable local knowledge that helps sellers to optimise their property sale and buyers to make the right choice of property and location.


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