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Healing Tree Reflexology

12 Harrier close, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom



I provide Reflexology in Hemel Hempstead with crystal healing, Reflexology for fertility, pregnancy,babies, pain, stress reduction, wt. loss, female issues, depression & more to bring total well-being back in your life. To genuinely help people to not only find their health and total well-being but also to bring back their inner joy and the strength to deal with every day stresses and still be happy and at peace.
Find who you are today!


Beautiful words from one of my favourite teachers , Dr. Wayne Dyer . Don't die with your music still in you , aspire to live with whatever stirrs your soul. It is never too late to follow your dreams and your aspirations. Don't be afraid of what others would think or say, it only reflects who they are and it's their business. You light up your torch and march on . Life is too short and limited, you must act now and not wait for tomorrow

Just give some more love , smiles, appreciation, kindness to people you love and people you dont know today and watch how your life changes. May joy be with you! # healing tree reflexology # healing # love# happiness # crystal healing # reflexology

Forgiving and letting go of anger and pain doesn't mean that what someone did to hurt you is right , it simply means that you are not drinking the poison yourself and expecting someone else to die. It means that you are no longer a prisoner of the past events and have finally moved beyond the pain to create a new life of your dreams. Focus your precious energies on things that bring happiness and peace :) # healing tree reflexology # happiness # life # forgiveness # dreams

Be an instrument in bringing joy and happiness in others lives and watch the little miracles unfold in your own life. It's simple, what you give out returns to you multiplied :) May joy, peace and happiness always be with you . Feeling blessed to be an instrument of God's healing work 😇 # healing # healing tree reflexology # transform your life via

One day we will all pass through this prism of life , what's your legacy ? What would you leave behind? Think about it and create your life accordingly while we still have those precious moments of breaths flowing in and out of our beautiful temple of life in this vastness of existential experience 💖 # healing tree # Reflexology # love # life # nurture # aspire # support # healing # crystals Pic credits : Agnes Davies

Just breathe and allow each moment to shine through , connection with yourself is so simple and valuable and often taken for guaranteed and forgotten. It's these precious moments that are making your life. Spend them wisely, spend them doing what you love or what nourishes your soul. May joy be with you today! # healing tree # Reflexology # Hemel hempstead # breathe

# healing tree # pregnancy reflexology # conception reflexology # IVF # happiness # baby # Love # joy unlimited via

Happy Valentine's day everyone , make sure you have an awesome relationship with yourself to attract positive relationships , right job and positive life circumstances for yourself. Today I accept and love myself exactly the way I am xxx

Visual Reflexology workshop with Angela Telford was a mind blowing experience. I knew our feet can tell so much about us but this one was at another level and dimension. A big thank you to Sanchia Hall for organising it xx Still get amazed with what reflexology can do and it's wonders. Big respect to our profession and therapists 🖒❤ #healing tree # Reflexology # wellbeing # stress # Angela Telford # visual reflexology # healing

When we listen to our body when it whispers, then it doesn't have to yell and scream to get your attention to a dis-ease. Honour your body and the soul that resides within. Nourish them with right food, exercise, people, places, things and ofcourse regular massages and Reflexology! # healing tree # reflexology # healing # body # nourish


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