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Introducing the Devon Yawl: the UK's performance day-sailer.

Combining good looks and seaworthiness, impressive sailing and safety, the Devon Yawl has secured itself a formidable reputation as a tough, all-weather dayboat.  Originally conceived as a GRP version of the Salcombe Yawl – one of the UK's earliest classes – the Devon Yawl's ancestry can ultimately be traced back to the small inshore fishing vessels of the Salcombe estuary and South Devon. Inheriting the speed, good windward performance and easy-handling of its working-boat forebears, the Devon Yawl fuses these qualities with resilience, ease of maintenance, and durability. A boat equally at home in heavy weather or light winds, the Devon Yawl is exciting for seasoned sailors and yet forgiving enough for beginners and families.

With a large and active association, fleets found across the UK and a presence in the US and Europe, the future of the Devon Yawl looks set to be as bright as its past.


The majestic plymouth sound.

Yealm Yacht Club

Yealm Yacht Club

Yealm Yacht Club

Yealm Yacht Club


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