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We have years of experience in the pond industry helping with all sorts of problems from wildlife ponds to an Alligator pond at the local Exotic Pet Refuge Over 50 years experience in the Water Gardening Industry covering a wide range of projects, including Chelsea Flower Show, Whipsnade Zoo and various Sea L;ife Centres we are all well qualified to provide you with expert and impartial advice on all aspects of pond design, construction as well as maintenance.



Winter is the best time of year to give your pump and UV a good service. One of the biggest threats to the pump is limescale and dirt and by removing these you will maintain your flowrate and improve the lifespan of the pump. To help you do this Oase have developed a treatment called AquaActiv Pumpclean. You simply add the 500ml of liquid to 9.5 litres of water and let your pump soak in it for 24hours and it will do all the hardwork for you.

Wishing a Very Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year to all our friends and customers.

Our most popular Fish Feeder has been out of stock for a few weeks now but new stock just landed. Although the fish aren't feeding very much at the moment this could be an ideal gift for the fish owner with everything.

Just added to our range Anti Heron Net Floats, which are a floating plastic grid which comes in circles or rectangles and are designed to be interlinked and located around the edge of a pond. When Heron's visit a pond they like to land outside of the pond and walk in. With the NetFloats around the pond, when the Heron walks in to the pond they will try to stand on the Net Floats and will not gain a sure footing and will move on to easier pickings.

With the pond temperatures slowly dropping it is time to change the fishes food to Wheatgerm. This is a specific food developed to match the fishes needs during the cooler temperature, it is idea for feeding from now until they stop feeding and when they start feeding again in the spring.

If you going away on holdiay but need to feed the fish then the Fishmate P7000 is ideal, it is battery operated, weatherproof and can hold 7 litres of food.

If your building your own waterfall then the Touch n Foam Landscape can be very useful. It is fish and wildlife safe, drys hard, is waterproof and is ideal for filling the gaps between rocks or even helping direct water flow.

Something we've been wanting to add to our plant range for a while now is finally in stock. Watercress is ideal for vegetable filters but very tricky to get established from seed. We can now offer the plant in 9cm pots ideal for including in your pond or vegetable filter.

Sun is out and we have a range of solar powered pumps to help you create a simple feature in your garden, no mains connection and no running costs, but they do need the sunshine on the panels.

If your pond is begninng to look like this picture then you are probably suffering from Protein Froth. This is a by-product of either Spawning or a High Protein diet. It is formed when protein is released in the pond and it floats to the surface, making the bubbles last longer, but because it is an oil chemical floating at the surface it can stop gas exchange. This can be a problem as the pond water temperature rises and so the problem needs dealing with. Thankfully it is very easy to clear with TAP Anti Foam which should clear it quickly.

We've got lots of customers reporting that this nice weather has got their fish frisky and they appear to be starting to spawn. If yours are and you wanted to try and grow some of the baby's on then you need to remove them from the pond and keep them away from the parents mouths (they'll eat them). These Spawning Brushes are ideal for that they can be hung over the pond and wiped out in to another container once the they have spawned.

A lot of comments at the moment from customers about blanketweed and asking us which treatment is best. Out best selling treatment and as such we believe the most effective, is the Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed. Perfectly safe with all fish and plants.


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