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An-Nisa Network

43 Radford Bridge Road, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Nonprofit Organization



We are established to motivate & empower Muslim women to progress morally, spiritually & socially in mosques at the heart of our community. We are based at the Muslim Cultural Centre Wollaton, 43 Radford Bridge Road, Nottigham, NG8 1NB

Contacts for An-Nisa Network

Saema Mohammad
Management of An-Nisa Network
Representation of women’s agenda at Masjid Council.
Mums and Tots

Nayala Rehmat
Pre-school activities
Mums and Tots

Saima Khan
Fundraising Events
Member of Masjid Council

Khurshid Hussain-Shah
Educational Programmes & Events

Raffia Bhatti
Q&A session with Imam

Amnah Shah

Aaliya Majeed    
Youth activities for girls


Busy morning today at the coffee morning We met our new councillor for Wollaton Cate Woodward and always nice to see Councillor Sally Longford 💕 Thank you to Changemakers for really useful information and health MOTs My BP was too high this morning. You ladies need to take care of me all the running around ain't good 🤣

☕ Coffee morning this week (20th April) with special guests Wollaton Councillors Sally Longford and Cate Woodward. Please do come and meet our new Councillor Cate Woodward and say hello We will also have the Changemakers team come in and offer a health MOT and talk to you about signs and symptoms of cancer

*Contemplation Ramadan* This Ramadan, would you like to: – increase your spiritual connection with Allah – feel more fulfilled & satisfied – strengthen your psychological defence system – increase mindfulness and able to break some unhelpful habits . ‎We invite you on Saturday 5th May 2018, 2pm to 5pm for : An interactive presentational course on *‘CONTEMPLATION RAMADAN* ‘ by Dr Aneesa. Dr Aneesa Mohamad Ali is psychiatrist, and founder of Revivingminds. “Contemplation Ramadan” is a journey into fasting in Ramadan, creating mindfulness and objective measure of self enhancement. Limited places, book your FREE place now on our website:

Take part in the course and learn practical steps for maintaining family health and using natural remedies.🌿 The discounted price for all 4 days will last till Thursday 12th April 12 am midnight. For more information visit

When news reached Rasūlullāh ﷺ that a group of women complained about domestic violence, he didn't say, 'Have Sabr!' or 'Be patient!' like many of us do to try and sweep the problem under the rug like it doesn't exist. Do you know what he did? He delivered a sermon infront of his Companions where he showed his displeasure towards such actions, he criticized the behaviour, and he addressed the issue directly. It's time we learn from Rasūlullāh ﷺ. Our community should have no space and no tolerance for abuse within marriages regardless of the gender of the victim. Covering up things and justifying the unjustifiable is wrong - full stop. Sheikh Aslam.

Don't forget to book your children onto our next workshop

Women and Islam

Love a Muslim day on Tuesday 3 April

Nergis, An-Nisa Network Trustee represents the Muslim community of Nottinghamshire at today's press release ❤ Did you catch Nergis on ITV 6pm, Notts TV at 5.30 and 6.30pm today?

“Abuse and sexual assault against women has become common in our communities. Enough of this talk that 'Islam gave the women her rights' and Islam empowers women. Yes, certainly Islam as a religion has done all that. But this is not the primary question of concern. The real question is, if Islam has indeed done this, then why have Muslims in our own time failed to implement this in society? Why has the language of women’s rights been only employed by Muslims as a way of countering narratives and in grand speeches or in apologetics? Place yourself in the position of an abused woman. When she comes to you seeking help, O Muslim, all she hears you do is speak about how great Islam has been for women’s rights. But when she goes to the human rights organisations, she finds that they actually defend her and assist her." - al-Habib Ali al-Jifri Courtesy of KQZ Institute


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