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Newry ACE Taekwon-Do

unit 24 win business park, Newry, United Kingdom
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Weather permitting we will be running classes tomorrow but please check on this Facebook page in the morning as if weather takes a decline this may change. Also if it is still bad in your area do not take any unnecessary risks.

The amazing Miss Byrne having a stretch in the snow... no warm ups needed🖒

Seamus and Seonaidh snow day Taekwon-Do training.👊👊👊

Great classes tonight good energy and work ethic. Could newly promoted students learn their new Tul meaning for next class👊

Student of the month awards🏆 Senior kids class: Aaron McAlinden🏅 Beginner kids class: Rebecca Truesdale🏅

Break more than a sweat at Newry ACE Taekwon-Do Class schedule. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Three chances to train this week.👊 Tuesday 🐯Kubz: 4.15pm 👊Senior kids: 5pm 👊Beginner kids:6pm 👊Beginner adults: 7pm 🥋Senior adults:8pm 👊Saturday 🐯Kubz: 10.15am 👊Senior kids: 11am 👊Beginner kids: 12pm 👊Beginner adults: 1pm 🥋Senior adults: 2pm Sunday 👊🥋Squad training 12-2 😁Beginners always welcome. ✔Venue: compound gym unit 24 WIN business park.

Mr. Kidd trying to prove he is still young and cool enough to to celebrate with the some of the teens of Newry ACE Taekwon-Do after a recent grading😂😂😂

Awards galore Today for our high achieving Kubz. Chloe and Donnacha with class awards for Tuesday's class. Calum with class award in today's class. Alfie with a kool 4 school award for good behaviour in school and Aoibhin with a kool 4 school award for an amazing 2nd place in a Feis for reciting a poem.

In the last two weeks nearly 70 students from Newry ACE Taekwon-Do successfully promoted between kubz, kids classes and adult classes. Great to see hard work pays off but remember its not the end just the beginning. You have earned your belt now you must learn to wear it👊👊👊

Well done to all from our Adult/family class members that successfully promoted tonight. In particular to the seniors that had put in alot of extra hard work and took extra time to make sure they could bring a good standard to their grading. Thank you to Grand Master Cutler and Mrs Cutler for conducting our grading and for the words of wisdom afterwards.

Congratulations to all kids class members that sucessfully promoted tonight. Thank you to Grand Master Cutler and Mrs Cutler for conducting our grading tonight.


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