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Arreton Coarse Fishery

Arreton, Newport, United Kingdom
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Welcome to Arreton Coarse Fishery.
Members Only.- 07971 524633.
Arreton Coarse Fishery is set in the rural area of Hale Common on the Isle of Wight.


I thought I'd get this catch report out quickly as there's another catch report due soon. Mark L is just putting the finishing touches to his overnight session with this common weighing 9lb 7oz. He's packing up slowly but I wouldn't be surprised if there's another.

Mark L ..He's added a common to his total from yesterday making it two commons, a mirror and a tench so far. This one weighed 12lb 13oz and was caught at 6.30 am this morning. Mark was joined by Dave C and Les Pa early this morning. At 9am Dave C continued his good recent run of fish with a common weighing 15lb 13oz. Whilst I was doing my morning rounds Mark L added this common weighing 14lb 7oz to his haul. We've managed the lake for six years now and despite the slow start to the year this is the best April ever and it's not over yet.

Mark L continued to catch in his session yesterday evening and this mirror was his third fish out to add to the common and tench he'd already landed. It weighed 9lb 1oz ....It's one of the C2 mirrors we stocked in December 2014 all of which weighed between 14oz and 1lb 2oz.

We're having a great week keeping you all aware of all the fish caught ................. Mark L added a second fish to his session and this time it was a tench. This one weighed 5lb 3oz. Andy D persevered and late into his session he caught a common weighing 10lb 1oz.

There have been a few sightings of Casper recently so I guess it's no surprise he's put in his first appearance on the bank. Andy D set up on the cycle track bank...... He was soon into Casper who weighed 10lb 4oz. Andy is also looking for a light leger rod with a TC of around a 1lb or less if anyone is considering selling one. It was also good to see Mark L bank on the bank. He's fishing an overnight session and has landed a common so far. It weighed exactly 11lb.

Keith C fished yesterday and he landed a common weighing 5lb 8oz and then a tench at 6lb 1oz. This tench was a PB for Keith and the third PB of the week for three of our members. Both were caught with light elastic so he switched to a heavier elastic, He then had a battle with a common that thought it was a double but weighed 6lb 8oz. We are not just a carp fishery...we hold a number of species with quite a few specimens showing. We are where we expected to be at this time and very happy.....Overall, we're having a great start to the year..

Les fished ......... he landed two commons weighing 6lb 6oz and 8lb 12oz. Towards the end he landed another common weighing exactly 11lb. Our own Philip fished the swim on the car park and had silvers including this 1lb 1oz perch, all on the float rod.

Kim M float fished and he landed a carp of 17lb 12oz and was caught on a a size 14 hook with maggots as bait. David K fished and landed this nice looking mirror weighing exactly 7lb.......His next fish was a common at 5lb 9oz and then a mirror at 12lb 7oz. His next fish was a common weighing exactly 7lb. It was good to see Phil S back on the bank following a long absence. He used mussel as bait to catch an eel weighing 3-4lb. I hate to finish on a sour note but a fish was nearly lost today by trailing line and end tackle. If you lose these please let me know and we will try and recover it. We won't name and shame you.

Duncan W was up at the crack of dawn today to nab his favourite swim...... he caught this common weighing an impressive 16lb 3oz It's also a PB for Duncan which is what we like to see. Nik S set up and was soon a into common carp weighing 9lb 12oz. He quickly returned his catch back into the lake and then realised he hadn't taken a photo.

Dave C fished and he landed this tench weighing 5lb 1oz. That's his second tench of the year so it's a good sign that things are starting to pick up. Les continued to have a good session landing numerous silvers on the pole.

Les P fished today......He had a light leger rod out with sweetcorn as bait and he llanded this lovely mirror weighing 7lb 1oz. That will give him bragging rights over Dave C, his fishing partner...

What a difference a week of warmer weather makes. The first tench of this year was caught and the lily pads are starting to show. I fished off the cycle track bank and landed yet another carp but this was my first fish this year below 10lb. This one weighed 7lb 1oz. Phil also fished off the cycle track bank and float fished to catch these silvers plus the perch which weighed exactly 1lb.


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