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Denton area, Manchester, United Kingdom
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K9 to 5 is a dog walking service based in Audenshaw . we offer a friendly dog walking service and also training. Please contact us for more details. K9 to 5 dog services aims to provide an outstanding quality of service to its customers! Even though my opening hours are 9am to 5pm we are flexible with time but will be extra charge. this also applies to weekends and bank holidays.
In our business a happy dog equals a happy customer.

Our prices vary depending on what type of service you require:
£8 group walk 30 minute
£4 per additional dog from same household
£10 group walk 60 minute
£4 per additional dog from same household
£10 for 30 minute solo walk
£4 per additional dog from same household
£13 for 60 minute solo
£4 per additional dog from same household
Weekends and bank holidays 1 hour walk £15.00, 1/2 hour walk £10.00
Additional dogs from the same household Half Price

Dog boarding fees £20 per day per dog or £120 for the week so you get a free day.

if have a second dog from same house you get one dog half price £10 per day and £60  for a week.

for larger dog £25 per day or £150 for a week, if your not sure witch category your dog falls under feel free to call.

if dogs are to be in eligible for boarding they must be friendly with other dogs and not aggressive.

home visit will include;
- Feeding and fresh water

- Litter tray cleaning
- spending time with and fussing your pet (at their request)
- Secure key storage
- Ask me about optional extra home care services for just £2 per day e.g. watering plants, putting out bins, post collection.

1 visit per day (30 minutes minimum): £8
per additional pet £2

2 visits per day (30 minutes minimum) £15
per additional pet £3


🐶’This seat is taken.’ Me: ‘oh...ok. I see how it is.’ 😂

Eric could see the TV being reflected in the window and started to grunt at it 😂

To help you deal with Monday

Let the games begin! 🐶🏆💙

Walkies 💙

Daycare cuddles from yesterday. It’s a hard life 😉 💙

We have a first time boarder tonight! Leo comes to day care usually but tonight we thought we’d have a slumber party because he’s obviously a wild one 😂. He’s just let out the most humanist burp I’ve ever heard! This is the closest he’ll get to me and that is a privilege 💙

Reunited with Sid! He’s been on holiday for a couple of weeks. I’ve got my head cushion back! 💙

💙💙💙 Special post 💙💙💙 It is with a heavy heart and deep regret that we recently had to say goodbye to this beautiful soul. Harley was one of our very first customers and will always have a special place in our hearts. His little face would light up when we would walk through the door because he knew it meant walkies. No other dog has cottoned on to walking themselves like Harley did. He was an older dog but the years fell away when he was on his walks and meeting other pups. He brought us so much happiness, smiles and laughter and we hope we only did the same for him. Chasing all the tail he can in doggy heaven. You are sorely missed Harley. God bless 💙

Struggling with Monday blues? Hurricane Ophelia got you down? Watch this video ❗️Parent discretion as there is explicit content ⛔️🔞❗️

🚨Birthday Shout! 📢 Happy Birthday to the very cuddly and playful Eric. Daycare wouldn’t be the same without the daft faces you pull and your teenage tantrums 😂 Enjoy your cake you handsome boy 🎂💙🐶

Nap time is my favourite time of the day 👌🏼😴


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