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Supermodel Tournesol Joss and friends!

Congratulations to Paul Bennett and Jack (aka CH Tournesol Inox) who were awarded 4th place and the prize for the Best Water retrieve by judges Mrs. E. Winser and Mr. J. Bird at the G.S.P.C. Open Field Trial today at Stow Bardolf, Norfolk. Well Done also to Rory Major and Ekko (Hjortlands Ekko at Bryantscroft GWP) who were the others in the awards and received 1st place and the Guns Award. Thank You to everyone who trialled their Tournesols in the 2017/18 season. Best Wishes and Good Luck in 2018/19!

Today, at the Hungarian Vizsla Society's Open Field Trial at Kingham Oxon, CH Tournesol Heriot at Bryantscroft was awarded 1st place by judges Mr. S. Kimberley and Mrs. I. Alcock. This makes him a Dual Champion (subject to Kennel Club confirmation) and therefore the first male Dual Champion Brittany and only the second FTCH male Brittany. The first male Brittany was John and Eunice Lambert's Bestobel Hiver. The breed has now produced six FTCHs of which three have been Dual Champions. Congratulaions to Rory Major for steering Travis to this title and to all the other award winners at today's trial.

Top Stud Dog in Breed 2017: CH Tournesol Braconnier. A position he has held since 2011 but as it was gained posthumously this year it has meant even more to us and evokes bittersweet memories of a very special dog. Thanks go to Paul and Janette Yarrow and Lesley Poole for campaigning their dogs which made this possible.

A great team!

A great card from the Brittany Club of Great Britain. A real surprise. Many thanks from Team Tournesol.

Super photos

Well done Rory and Travis! Very, very proud of you.

Our second Brittany: Venez (Fosscott Deren) litter brother to Allez and Kathy's Devri. He did not sire any puppies but he was a great game finder and this photo of him pointing a bird in an upright position has been reproduced in a number of publications!

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