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Alva House, Valley Drive, Gravesend, United Kingdom
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Mad Café Joined Facebook in March 2010. Its was founded by Clare Marie Knowles. Please read the story of Mad to see just how this idea came about.  We hope to be able to give you a great community website very soon for now we hope you enjoy our groups.




Love a discount!


Danson park. So much fun! Just add sunshine. (When you're ready Mr Sun)!

Are we half way through the summer holiday? Penny just drop!

It's Friday! What do we like to do in the holidays on Fridays? Meet up with friends at a pub, with a garden and play area. When I was younger that was every pub around. Now they are quite rare. :( What's your recommendations? I'm willing to test a few pub lunches in the name of research :)

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Today's adventure took us just short trip to a local park. Park life events are taking place in the Gravesend area. Organised by Gravesham Borough Council to encourage families to use their local parks. It was all free! Magician, circus skills, football coaching, kangaroo jumpers and lazer tag! It got a thumbs up from the kids and from me! No money spent. Next event Tuesday 16th August at Gordon Prom. Sessions may vary.

Photos from Mad Café's post

Today we tried out one of the most expensive activities you can do if you price by the hour! (It was amazing fun, blog to follow). But, we have also been trying out the free stuff! Like permanent orienteering courses in some local parks. Did you know these existed? Splash parks and natural trails to come. If you have a top tip for others on a great holiday day out then tell us all. Pop some details on the comments below and with a little help from our online community we WILL survive the holidays together. (Bank balance intact!)

We are off to Soar Trampoline Park Gillingham today. We will report back with the opinions of 4 children. A varied review from a 7,9,11 and 14 year old. I will report back on the quality of their tea! Have you booked your flight yet?

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A nice simple guide to Pokemon Go. Regardless of some peoples personal thoughts it's getting families out and into the sunshine. Once there out the are exploring. Can't see much harm in that :) 👀 👁👁 just look where you're going :) 💩💩

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That was fast! ....

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She made many people laugh ❤️

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